8900 Andermatt Dr, Lincoln, NE 68526, USA
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This machine will not run. It will not do anything.

There are no lights. no ignition, it wont turn over. This is not the first time it happened and the first time I had it repaired it cost me $700 to get it fixed. I will not pay that again.

I have changed everything electrical and electronic on this thing and it just sits in my yard like a lump. I am tired of mowing around a piece of machinery that I can't use. I am very tired of repair shops telling me that they don't want anything to do with it. This is the worst machine I have ever owned.

I have 2 neighbors that have the same machine with the same problem. One of my neighbors actually junked his. Tell me what I can do to correct this problem. I have had this for a few years and it has been broke down more than I have been able to use it.

I live on an acreage and I need something to check fences and a repair vehicle for mending fences.

I am about ready to junk this and go buy a golf cart that I can at least depend on to help me get my work done so ai don't have to tear up a $40,000 dollar pickup. I am very displeased with this product and Menards they have been no help at all with my problem!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Yardsport Ys200 Utility Vehicle.

Reason of review: No support on a very bad product that Menards sell. If they are not going to help with the proublems that I and my friends have incured they need to stop selling these things!.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Do you or your friends still any of these units? I would possibly be interested if the price is right.


I have one for sale. Still interested and where are you?


Yep. live in MN and willing to travel for right unit and price. Email me at meyercrap at gmail.


buy a $30k truck so you'll have money to buy a quality utv


Well maybe you need to contact the manufacturer of the unit which is American sportworks out of Fort Wayne indiana. They make the unit so the provide the support and techs of the u it not Menards. So your complaint is with the manufacturer not the seller.


Bet the low price really looked good when you bought it. There is a reason the Yard Sport sells for a fraction of the price of something like a John Deere Gator.

They are a fraction of the quality. If you want a quality product that is going to give you years of service, be prepared to pay for it.

The yard sport is the equivalent of the $100 lawn mower that you throw away when it quits working.... just not worth the money to repair.