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Everyone grows up, gets a job, and hope they someday work for an amazing employer that cares about them. An employer that knows they are a vital part of their organization and that their organization is a vital part of their family’s wellbeing.

The best practices for management and businesses are changing. As a master student in my last semester in management and operational behavior. I have learned and researched great companies that are able to align their employee strengths in order to dominate markets as a united whole. Menards is behind the time when it comes to treatment of employees.

Their employee reviews, and my personal conversation with employees has led me to write this article. Menards your employees deserve better from you. They deserve a system that is based on progressive discipline, professional development, and accountability. I am not talking about your handbook.

I am not talking about what you say but what you do, YOUR ACTIONS. I am talking about employees who has worked for you for over 25 years no written warning, no meaningful conversation, and no important training before a demotion or termination. Any reasonable business professional or your employees would look at this scenario and say "Menards does not care about their employees". Your operations manager goes into your locations and does not talk to employees as if he wants to know their name.

Yelling, mistreatment, and a hopelessness is what your employees face on the daily from your store GM’s and from your corporate office. The corporate office demand someone’s head if a store is having problems. This approach is always going to leave your company less powerful. Don’t you understand that your people are your success?

I don’t want to linger on the negative but stay results oriented. What you need is someone who can go into your stores and change managerial habits. Your stores being based on conformity your needing strong systems in order to not be result oriented. In other words, if you focus on a systems the system always delivers the same result.

Therefore, investing in training is very important. I am not applauding your advisor program as it is really lacking. You will not make any changes with an 8-hour visit. I am talking about a turn around team.

A team that can go into a store disrupt the status quo, retrain leadership, and give the tools that your leaders need to be successful. Then follow up with accountability. Then your human resource staff in every store needs to liaison as a support for your GM’s but be educated in the best practices of progressive discipline, the art of conversation, and positive change management. I know your reading this sitting in your big office and wondering “what’s the point of this article”.

I have seen the need not only from your employee reviews but also because this just happened to my significant other. He has never had another job. He was with you for 25 years, no written warnings except on the day he was demoted, no important conversation about job performance, and lastly no understanding why. You risked losing 25 years of experience that you have an invested interest in.

I am almost always on the side of employers because I have spent a decade studying business and human behavior. This demotion made me sit and think. How can I help Menards be a better employer? Terminations and demotions are necessary.

Putting the right people in the right spots is very important. But terminations and demotions are done after the employee gets written warnings, retraining, and suspension. This allows the employer to lay out their core values and time for the employee to make a change to meet the companies needs. Your people dedicate years of their lives and deserve to have a systematic approach to terminations and demotions.

Hence when this does take place both Menards and the employee understand the job is just not for that employee. Please feel free to call me if you wish to get professional help in developing a system that is a win for Menards and a win for your employees. Menards will be able to lower turnover, decreasing cost related to recruitment. Second you will increase your customer relations because your employees are happy, organized, and excited about what they do.

I know you are reading this thinking how crazy this sounds. No, you are just critical because you deal with the 10 percent of employees that should not be working for you. Your forgetting the 90 percent that is waiting to be energized, engaged, and taught. Wake up!

What you are doing is not working and unfortunately it was at the cost of my family ….25 years, you were his only job, no written warning, and you do not have to have a masters like me to see that this is legal but does not meet the moral responsibility that you have to your staff. 217-220-5999

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: It is in my article .

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" don’t want to linger......" are you sure??


This should really be on Glassdoor. Among other things, it will help future employees decide whether or not to work for Menards.

The company has certainly changed and not for the better. It is not unusual anymore for them to demote or fire a dedicated employee for doing something that has been standard operating procedure for a long time and then changing the policy AFTER they've done this.


I quit Menard's because of the misleading and borderline illegal "contract" they throw in front of you to sign when you are promoted to a management position. Luckily i had been a retail manager for over 25 years at that point and knew exactly what i was reading.

And every point in that agreement that i thought was illegal or at the very least unethical was CAPITALIZED and UNDERLINED! They know exactly what they are doing, and it borders on indentured servitude.

I quit without notice and got hired by a competitor less than 10 hours later. They are crooks when it comes to their employees and how they get away with it i have no idea!


I don't know why you call the contract illegal. If it were they wouldn't be able to use it.

It spells out what they expect you to do as a part of their management team and spells out your compensation, bonuses and fines for preforming those duties.

Yes, they demand a lot but you will find you are paid fairly well for a retail management position that doesn't require a college degree. If you do have a college degree you would be better off putting it to use somewhere other than a retail store as you will be better compensated and have more reasonable work hours.


Keep in mind there is only one person that can do anything about the ways employees at Menards are treated is John. As a privately held company there are no investors to keep happy.

It seems the only concern that has any meaning to the corporate staff is how much more money they can put in John's back pocket.

As long as what they are doing is doing that you will see no change in the way they treat their employees. Good luck in convincing John that he needs to change his ways.


I openly offered to talk to anyone in their corporate office. I am a qualified and an absolute visionary.

I would love to sit down and have a meaningful conversation about the culture of Menards. Business trends are changing and Menards needs to get on the ban wagon. First they should start with top leaders and change the face of Menards. Be the company everyone wants to work for.

Fortunately my family is fine after this because we are both educated and financially smart. What pains my soul is if I said nothing and this happened to others. Other employees could loose everything because many people live paycheck to paycheck. I happen to own a business.

I just raised my own pay. Others are not as fortunate. I also would like to add, I do not terminate or demote my own staff unless they have three written warnings and retraining has been completed and they complete their turn around time. Unless for attendance, insubordination, or gross misconduct.

Menards if you are reading this. Your people are good at heart. Even your worst employee is engagable. You just have not figured out how to streamline your employee engagement across the board.

I would really look into appreciative inquiry to find out how. Your biggest indicators for change will come from your own employees and your customers. I would start there first. I do have some ideas on how to get this going.

You should always be asking : Where is this staff at now? Where would I like to see them be? How can I get them there ? What is holding them back?

If every manager you hire looks at staff as a blank picture with positive training and great leaders. You will get beautiful pieces of art and you know what happens to a room when something is beautiful. It lites up the room. Sorry for the metaphors but I’m saying you will spend less, increase customer satisfaction, and cultivate a culture of mentorshipfor the next leaders to bring the company into the future.

Who would have ever thought our largest retailer would Not produce one product, or the largest news outlet would write not one article and the largest taxi company would not own one car. I’m talking about amazon, Facebook, and Uber. Business is changing and your powerhouse is your people.

Think outside the box and invest! Your employees are counting on every person in your corporate office to make a difference it has to start somewhere with someone.....why not you John?


If you think you can sit down and convince John Menard to change his ways why don't you sit down with Donald Trump and change his ways and atitudes. John Menard has been much more successful in his business than Donald Trump. You'd help many more people by changing Trump than John Menard and probably have an easier time doing it.