Theres absolutely no reason to mandate mask wearing in your stores.Theres nothing in the medical literature that supports wearing a mask to combat a virus. You are losing many, many customers. Ill shop at Home Depot from now on.

Location: Kingsford, Michigan

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They are not losing anything. In 2019 revenue was 11.9 billion.

In 2020 it was 14.3 billion.

This increase in 2020 during the pandemic included 9 months of capacity limits in stores and 9 months of requiring masks. Don’t post “they are losing many, many customers “ when they are not.


No reason for your rant. Just shop elsewhere.


It's simple wear a mask or stay the F home.


" It's simple wear a mask or stay the F home. " If you as a employee of the business said that to me as the customer who supplies you with a paycheck, I would personally ensure you're terminated before I left the property.


Home Depot also has a mask policy you fool.

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