Much to my dismay and disatisfaction, when shopping at your store in carpentersville, il on November 30, 2011, I find that menards discontinued military discounts. All the other home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's make that discount available. Now that it is your policy not to afford military discounts, I will no longer shop at Menards.

Can you explain why the discount was discintinued and please do not enter an explanation of economics! I was very proud to serve this nation, in unform for 26 years and your military discount statement is a slap in the face to all veterans!

Michael Sallustio

Proud retiree of the U.S. Air Force

Location: Elmhurst, Illinois

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Ann honorable vet would never post a comment like this.


And exactly who have you ever served besides yourself?

Probably be hard to explain to you a soldiers life is this short space but after 20 years of service I cannot even count the ways I made your sorry life better. Endless hours, cold, heat, rain, snow, ect all well below minimum wage.

How many work place accidents have your friends died from? Happens every day in a soldiers life.

If you have never served, you aint got a clue and {{REDACTED}}.


I mean no disrespect, but you are the one who chose a military career. Families of police officers and firefighters always have to worry about their loved ones coming home safely as well.

Teachers work long hours for low pay and often have to use their own money to purchase classroom supplies. Is there a reason they don't feel they need to complain about not getting a discount and soldiers do?


This {{redacted}}face don't have a clue what its like he for gets about drafting back when you had no choice but to go if he had to go with out any say of his own he would kill his self there to much of a puss to join now days


I agree with you an the *** *** that you are talking to has no idea of what you an the military does or goes through. He's the type if you stomp your foot he will turn an run.

(Coward) not the type I want protecting my family an kids. Just a big mouth with {{redacted}}. So thank you an God bless . By the way my son is a disabled army .

Two wars. So dip *** has no idea what he's saying just a big mouth {{redacted}}.


Sorry where have you been ..dis u serve? Vietnam Korea desert storm Irag Afghanistan?


You stupid ***. I'd like to slap the taste out of your *** mouth.


anytime im ready why many places honor the vets a a small token i was in the the nam if know what that is


Hey anonymous,

Why don't you use your regular name. Too ashamed?


Another Ignorant statement from someone that doesn't have "Clue". I am a (RA) NAM Vet (in the bush) 67/68.

I don't expect everyone to thank me but appreciate those that do.

I ask for nothing., BUT, like you, will take what is offered. When did you Serve MY Country?


Sir you must be one of those bigotry veterans pruned by a liberal. When we join or were drafted, it was the oath we took to defend our country, the constitution, obey the officers over us and this was for both foreign and domestic.

How dare you slap another veteran just because they were not in WWII. I served 26 years as an enlisted person and a commissioned officer in the US Navy in both Viet Nam and Persian gulf. It is a retail era choice but to ask why is not criminal.

Ehy don’t you slap at the free loading lazy people who would rather live off welfare than go to work faithfully to earn a livelihood. Shame on you!!!!


Anonymous, there have been several conflicts since WWII... Korea, Vietnam, Desert Freedom, Desert Storm, and of course the existing war with terrorists across the globe and the war against the drug cartels along our borders...

so, go to school, get informed.. if you don’t support our country, I’ll help you pack !


Fire fighters and police officers make a lifelong career of protecting our lives and I don't see them crying about not getting a discount at retail stores. Seems like if a business were going to give someone a discount it would be those who directly add to the security of their stores and that would be the police officers and fire fighters.


Have you ever compared their pay checks? Can they quit any time they please?

Directly add to the security?

Man you are an idiot. Nobody has security including the police without the US Armed Forces.


Police, Firefighters, EMT, etc all get discounts pretty much everywhere. Nit to mention free meals, snacks, coffee, etc daily. Especially in uniform.


"Instruct my family" like you have authority over them too!! Oh, and by buddies are behind me too cause that's the only way we don't get beat down.

You protect criminals and people who {{Redacted}}. Does that make it right? You should be honored they let you walk onto their property as they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone without an explanation. I am mil too but I don't cry like you and make the mil look bad.

Menard's is still cheaper on most things without the discount! But that don't matter to you know, I hope you spend more elsewhere.


I don't understand how you feel a company can discontinue a discount they never had.


Home Depot offers the discount in it's stores but, not online. I even asked if I could take my receipts to a store after the fact to receive credit and was soundly denied.

This sucks if you are like me and do not live near a home improvement store. Menards quit doing military discounts completely. The only truly patriotic one remaining now is Lowe's.

They offer the discount in store and online if you set up a myLowe's account. It's free and automatically applies the discount for you.


Ed is 100% correct


I did not realize this, its Home Depot from now on for me.

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