Much to my dismay and disatisfaction, when shopping at your store in carpentersville, il on November 30, 2011, I find that menards discontinued military discounts. All the other home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's make that discount available. Now that it is your policy not to afford military discounts, I will no longer shop at Menards.

Can you explain why the discount was discintinued and please do not enter an explanation of economics! I was very proud to serve this nation, in unform for 26 years and your military discount statement is a slap in the face to all veterans!

Michael Sallustio

Proud retiree of the U.S. Air Force

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Isn't Menard's a privately owned Canadian Company? Maybe eh?

to Mr. Bill #1521218

Eau Claire Wisconsin

to Mr. Bill #1521293

No they are out of WI.


I was looking for a dog Kennel, found the one I wanted here will cross reference product and get it from Lowes or Home Depot. Dude, not only did I serve my country but I still serve my Vets.

While everyone is going back and forth arguing, the root of this problem is not the military member feeling entitled but the civilians privilege fragility. You chose the military, cops this, doctors that, etc... everyone's job has a purpose but not everyone's responsibility is put their life on the line for the sake of saving others. I believe that military, Cops, & Firefighters (and whatever other occupation I might have neglected to mention) should get a discount.

the reality is that these are middle income jobs with high consequences and 1. the discount does help but 2. It is a way of being acknowledge and appreciated. So you can translate that as being entitled but when there is corporate discount, AAA discount and all other stupid type of discount, I mean really why not discount for those that serve others.

its really a thing of showing humanity and compassion at least that is how I look at it. so yes when I found out that Mernard does not give a military discount it was a slap in the face. I serve, my husband is a disabled vet, and our 2 daughters are now in the Army serving. So Yes Bernard has the kennel I want but No I would rather get it from some place that honors my vets period.

its not about savings $2 and if you don't understand that maybe your too smug and should stop smelling yourself.

I hope all veterans follow suit and my discontinuing to shop there might not make a difference to Mernard but it does to my family and I and thats good enough for me. #KickRocks

to Vee #1486665

Not giving a discount is only a slap in the face if you feel entitled to one. No one is entitled to a discount. People should appreciate, thank and patronize the stores that offer a discount rather than bashing stores that don't offer a discount you are not entitled to.

to Anonymous #1506945

I appreciate everything our Vets have done. I will always stand up for you guys and for our Flag.

But enough with the entitlement BS. Did you enter the military just so that someday you could get a discount on 2x4's? Come on man! Don't ruin what you did by what you have become.

And not everyone in the military put their lives on the line. So whats the right breakdown? 10% off if you were front line, 8% if you were deployed 5% if you just mowed the lawn at the base in Utah?You did what you did for you and for the country. Thank you for that!

Welcome Home!

Please don't act like you did it to save money on home improvement supply's. I want to continue to respect you.


I have always been a bit more low key about my military service. I just figured it was a job I chose, just like the person who chose to work any other occupation.

I feel that I am patriotic. I do still get chills when the national anthem is played, I feel honored to hold my hand over my heart and stand at attention with my feet at a 45, facing that beautiful flag. I do get upset when people with an axe to grind, however sincere they are, choose to use the occasion of the National Anthem being played, to grind that axe. So I suppose if you didn't serve and a person that did writes about feeling slighted or upset about no military discount, you have the right to bash him for his thoughts.

You can do that even if he served to defend your right to express yours. That is why I choose not to make a big show of my military service. I know that while I was serving on my military job many others were serving this great nation in other jobs, and that is patriotic too. I guess it is no different then back in the day when people were burning the American Flag.

To me they were just burning a piece of cloth, because that flag they were burning did not mean the same thing to them that it means to me. I say go buy your piece of cloth and burn it. But now... come in my yard and try to burn my flag and you will have to burn it over my dead body.

It is all just perspective, and that is not a problem. The problem is that it seems to be human nature only to look from our own perspective and not to try and look from the other person's point of view. But, all is not lost. Become enlightened and realize the world does not revolve around you or even your "clan", but there are billions of people out there with many different ways of looking at things and they all have the right to them.

And that is why I am proud to have served. To defend that right to have your own thoughts and feelings. So, I fought and served so you could burn your piece of cloth but not my American Flag, and so everyone can express their thoughts and feelings, but not disrespect those of others.

And to think, I just looked on line to see if Menard's offered the military discount, because the doors I want to buy are $0.50 cheaper and I wanted to go there if the discount was applied as well. I guess I will go to Lowe's because I will save more money, but not because Menard's doesn't offer a military discount.

to A declining Perspective #1466018

Thank you for your service. I appreciate the fact that you do not make your buying decisions based on whether you get a discount or not, but the bottom line price. If the discount provides a better price thank the company that offers it.


Part of your problem is you expect a discount. It is sometimes given as a thank you. Doesn't mean you are entitled dude.

to BV #1538884

Bev, a large part of the problem Is the lack of patriotism to our country and flag. This is being taught in our schools and online.

If Menards doesn’t want to give our veterans who served our country a discount.. that’s fine.

All of us will either go to Hone Depot or Lowe’s. When they see it hit their bottom line, watch them change their position...

to Mark Lee #1538947

What does patriotism have to do with a discount? I take it you haven't looked at all the complaints on the Lowes and Home Depot boards about veterans discounts. Menards just gives their best price to everyone every day.


The discount sure helps. I am 100% service connected disabled.

Fixed income. I shop where I can get my military discount.Home Depot offers 10% discount. But not for everything in the store. Just on certain selected items.

You have to check at checkout because there is no warning what qualifies or not while shopping.It’s 10% on everything on Lowe’s. Takes the guesswork out for me.




Do you refuse to shop at all stores that don't give you a discount? Bet not.

to Anonymous #1417147

I do. Except for groceries.

to Anonymous #1417408

So, why don't you expect groceries stores to give you a discount? By you logic, these stores don't support you as a veteran, why should you support them?

to Anonymous #1432741

An Ignorant statement. Is that the best you can do?

to lsrryburdge #1432896

Why should this "vet" shop at grocery stores that don't support him when he won't shop at any other store that doesn't "support" him? What does a discount have to do with supporting vets or the country? He just feels more entitled than anyone else that is equally deserving of a discount.


This marine will no longer make purchases at menards. Having said that I will instruct family to do the same.

Do you make your employees sit during the national anthem. I'm certain my not spending money in your stores won't be a huge loss but I'm just one of many marines .that will follow suit.sleep well .I assure you we will still protect you and all your loved ones.god speed .lcpl.cerna.

to Anonymous #1398818


Unless you're a WWII vet, YOU DID NOT participate in any known battle in which our "freedoms" were at stake.

Sorry to burst your bubble but everyone isn't going to thank you for anything and offer to buy your breakfast at Denny's.

Please tell me you didn't join up to rake in deep discounts and free chit?

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