Much to my dismay and disatisfaction, when shopping at your store in carpentersville, il on November 30, 2011, I find that menards discontinued military discounts. All the other home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's make that discount available. Now that it is your policy not to afford military discounts, I will no longer shop at Menards.

Can you explain why the discount was discintinued and please do not enter an explanation of economics! I was very proud to serve this nation, in unform for 26 years and your military discount statement is a slap in the face to all veterans!

Michael Sallustio

Proud retiree of the U.S. Air Force

Location: Elmhurst, Illinois

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So you joined the military just to get discounts. Nice


It's about time Pissed Consumer replaced this 10 year old post with something else at the top of their posts for Menards.


It keeps getting replies so it stays on top. I think that is how it works.


Be careful what you wish for. Looks at what's on top now. Thanks for nothing...


Move on


No explanation needed on their part. Open your own store and offer discounts of your choosing. You have no say in how they run their business.


well aren't you a sorry asshole...You must work for these jackasses...Your name isn't Rudy is it?


I’m not Rudy and don’t work for them. Maybe you can open your own store and offer a discount to whoever you want.


Oh grow up child. Just because someone tells the customer that they are wrong does not mean they are the person that you dealt with or work for the company. Mommy needs to give you a good slap a cross the face for lying.

@Jeston Ktv

Customers have to accept a penalty sometimes, partner...


Ever since John Menard dumped toxic waste into one of Anericas protected waterways it was pretty obvious he has no respect for the country


I’m pissed for you they won’t let under 16-year-olds in either even the Walmart and all the other stores do it so I agree with you military discount should be at Menards I understand why they’re canceling you served in the nation and I don’t want to hear about economic crap i feel for you


Don't hire any of the so called contractors that Menards recommends. our door was installed by one of them incorrectly.

Menards salesman ordered the wrong size door first of all. But the contractor, Steve Berfield of Pekin IL should have known better than to install a door that was the wrong size. The manager at Menards has ordered us another door but thats not the point. I have texted Steve Berfield and he tells me I have issues and I am mental for wanting the new door installed at no costs.

This guy was chain smoking with it blowing into my house...I have chronic COPD.

Not only that but in our driveway smoking pot on the job! We just want our money back so we can pay someone who knows what they're doing to install the new door.We are senior citizens being taken advantage of.


What does your comment have to do with military discounts?


I agree you are being taken advantage




No YOU are shaming yourself with all your nasty comments. Menards should be ashamed that someone is on here making immature comments. Only making menards look like the worst business ever!

@Leslie P Bjs

The only one that is shaming themselves is the OP, even the veterans who posted here are disgusted by his posts making them look bad. The OP obviously only joined the military to get discounts and for you to ASSume that people telling him wrong work for the company is childish.

@Keysha Sop

Wrong. I don’t expect it but it’s the least they could do especially with their exorbitant prices.


But at the same time, you should not be throwing a fit and being rude because you did not get a discount. Most veterans join to fight for their country.

They do not do it so they can get a free burger at Mcdonald's or a discouint at Menards and other stores. They do not have an arrogant attitude.

Shame on the OP, Shame on you. Shame on Leslie.

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