Elmhurst, Illinois

Much to my dismay and disatisfaction, when shopping at your store in carpentersville, il on November 30, 2011, I find that menards discontinued military discounts. All the other home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe's make that discount available. Now that it is your policy not to afford military discounts, I will no longer shop at Menards.

Can you explain why the discount was discintinued and please do not enter an explanation of economics! I was very proud to serve this nation, in unform for 26 years and your military discount statement is a slap in the face to all veterans!

Michael Sallustio

Proud retiree of the U.S. Air Force

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Too bad for you, Menard. Lowe’s is right across the street and they do give a military discount.


What an entitled *** I served 14 years with 3 deployments and in no way expect a discount from anyone. Disgrace to the uniform


I am a disabled veteran, having served proudly in the US Navy as both my mother and father did. I have two sons who are disabled former marines who sacrificed more than I did while serving.

I greatly appreciate those merchants who support and honor service veterans through discount programs, preferred parking and more. That said, we must recognize that these programs are provided at the expense of the merchant by their own choice. There is no obligation to do so, and no patron should feel entitled to such preferential treatment. The fact that some do and others don't is a reflection of the freedom of choice that we served to protect.

As for where to shop, I'll make my decisions based on economics, convenience and customer service.

The military discount at Home depot and Lowe's might make the difference, and it might not, but Menard's choice to NOT offer a discount will not be a factor. It is not disrespectful to veterans or anyone else.


Get over yourself. Quit expecting discounts. Typical boot.


You can definitely tell that Menards is a company with midwest roots and liberal ties by the butt hurt in some of these responses. People put their lives on the line during the last 18 years during the global war on terror, and the best responses are "you sure feel entitled".

I remember getting hit by roadside bombs, shot at by machine gun fire, and watching my buddy get torn to shreds while protecting your freedoms, all while you were working koosh office jobs and playing with building blocks. Entitled, huh?


Yes ENTITLED! I served and went through 3 deployments and can guarantee I went through worse *** than you e ever seen I don’t expect a damn thing to be given to me. People like you are a disgrace to the uniform.


there hasnt been a mandatory draft since vietnam. get over yourself, it was your choice to join the military and be a grunt, nobody forced you.

you knew what the *** you were signing up for. if you wanted and office job, you coulda got one.


As a Law Enforcement officer ($20/hr) and a 60% disabled veteran ($1100/mo) you do the math and factor in the taxes, I would prefer to check to see which store offers a discount. Now I proudly served for 12 years before being medically discharged from injuries sustained in a combat zone, and I served to allow you to have your rights as well as for the operators of Menards to have their ability to refrain from offering a discount.

Good for them in exercising said right!!!! In regards to their pricing they have both advantages and disadvantages. In an economy such as we currently live in every penny counts. As a responsible shopper, and one that makes every effort to stretch my dollar, I always bargain shop and try to stretch my paycheck to its furthest extent.

That being said the veterans discount greatly helps with such a stretch. In a recent bout of research between Lowes, Home Depot and Menards I was price shopping and low and behold Lowes out priced the latter two for the materials I need. Now factor in the cost of fuel, and the military discount and the savings were approaching the $100 mark, so in my opinion and factoring the competitiveness of the economical climate I will be buying these materials from Lowes. So now I will also say this, be fair in the opinions of others while you exercise your own.

Even though the thought may flutter about in name calling such as entitled or what ever other terms you may choose remember this. Myself as well as many others took an oath to protect the citizens of this nation. We promised to support and to defend the constitution, which as a reminder gives you and every other legal citizen of this country the rights to free speech, and if necessary sacrifice our lives so that you may choose to join and stand beside us or stand at home with your family. There is always or always was the option for you to serve as well and be eligible for the same discount.

This is a board for people to express their opinions by exercising free speech and you sound a little like you are restricting such speech by bashing these other peoples opinions on a discount.

To all the vets past and present on here, from one vet to another thank you for the service you provided. To all my fellow first responders regardless of Blue, Red, Gray, Yellow or Green, stay safe brothers and sisters no more Last calls please.


Well said.


You fought to give them the right to be an @$$h0le.


Why should wets deserve a discount more than others? What about police officers, fire fighters, EMT's teachers, young people just starting out struggling to mean ends meet, senior citizens on a fixed income?

Menards does the right thing and offers low prices to everyone every day. Yes, others may offer a discount but who offers the better price every day? Thank you Menards, for honoring ALL of your customers with fair pricing every day. If the discount at a competitor offers a better price at times, by all means take advantage of it.

Take the time to go over to Lowes and Home Depot's complaint pages and see how many vets are complaining about their programs. No store is perfect, shop the stores that give you the best service and prices.


Perfectly on point!


On point to anyone that didn’t have the patriotism to serve


Not to take away from police officers, emt's, teachers or students.... but military vets are the only ones on the list you mentioned which signed an unconditional contract to serve and go wherever that may be in the world first and foremost before receiving any compensation or benefits to do what is asked of them, whether they agree with it or not, whether that means sacrificing time away form their families (wife, kids, mothers, fathers), their health and their personal ambitions and needs whenever called upon in order to support any of Americas interests to and including their lives.

-- So... no... Menard's doesn't have to offer a Veteran's discount but, it would be nice to have a business give back to the very people which ensure that Menards is able to conduct business without fear of planes or bombs destroying their stores and business plans; they don't need to do it but, it would be nice to see them put someones needs ahead of their own just as veterans have done. "We support our military and veterans" is not just a soundbite slogan....

if you say or agree with that you should actually .... umm support them ...

not just words. I understand that the 10% discount may probably be an inconvenience for Meanards however, I just wonder how inconvenient it is for the 18 year old who promised to protect them, put their best college years aside, set aside their personal ambitions, left his family behind and is now in a foreign land surrounded by people which would do anything to harm America by harming him all while instead of walking away and getting an 8-5 job at home in which he can focus on himself like most of his peers back home, he instead fulfills his promise to all those you listed?


I can not believe that someone would even TRY to compare a teacher to a VETERAN... I do not know a single teacher, firefighter, cop or anyone else for that matter who has been told by the Government that he/she HAS to do that job.

Many veterans were DRAFTED to service and so those who survived and came home to be ridiculed and treated like *** DESERVE way more than any discount at a damn store.

I understand every service provider today is underpaid and young people have it hard, BUT NO-ONE has it as hard as a veteran who survived fighting a war. This response is to the Anonymous poster from September 15, 2018


Obviously not a vet or first responder.


The only reason anyone disagrees with the discount is when they don’t get it. Wow.

What a surprise. Snowflakes thinking vets don’t deserve a discount. Guess what; active duty in a war zone is harder than being a ticket writing pig that has to contemplate not shooting a minority for no reason. That’s not hard.

Cops are lazy, fat, and useless about 90% of the time. VERY glad they NEVER get discounts anywhere. Fire fighters should only get a discount if they’re not a first responder (read: mentality handicapped) idiot. In fact, first responders should have to pay extra for being a nuisance.

No one cares about cops. Stop acting like we should.

They do way more harm than good and that “blue line” means some of them deserve the electric chair rather than a 10% discount. F cops


Got Menards sale flyer in mail yesterday. Myself and my husband , a Viet Nam veteran planned to visit a store in Springfield, MO.

today. I went on line to inquire about their veterans discount.

Totally could mot believe Menards do not honor out veterans. We will shop at Lowes and Home Depot .


just another reason never to shop menards!!!! If they dont support our military then why would anyone support their business??

@Brian D

Does you grocery store offer discounts to veterans? Are you going to stop buying groceries because they don't give veterans a discount?