Peoria, Illinois
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We were at the Washington IL Menards and do you think anyone would help us with anything. We had heavy purchases and we are 60 years old. I can't believe you allow your employees to stand around and do nothing.

We loaded it ourselves three different carts (not shopping carts) and prior to that when we did see an employee and we asked a ? they answered and went the other way.

The cashier acted like we were bothering him to ring up our purchase. Nick was the only one who offered to help us at all. He loaded it.

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Not an unusual event, they routinely act like you are doing them a favor by coming in the doors there. They want support despite the fact they would not allow purchases of stock piled generators after the 2013 Tornado so they would have plenty in stock for their black Friday sale.

Then they refused to fill LP tanks for people trying to heat what was left of their homes after the tornado stating it was to cold to fill the tanks. Funny, we went to another business just down the road and there was no issue.

200 lbs of LP filled on the spot within in 10 minutes of this store turning us down.


You said know one would help but then you say nick helped I guess I am confused


I'm a regular at this store, and I've always wondered if the employees are trained to be so friendly, as everyone says hello, smiles, and is helpful. It's like this person was in a different store, as my experience is ALWAYS positive.


You know Menards is a Do-It-Yourself Lumber Yard. So, it looks like you better have somebody go for you if you are too *** LAZY and just want to complain about everything.

I bet your job is SOOO much better. Don't forget they sell walkers if you need one.


Well if they knew they wanted help, first you have to pass the desk to the right, why not ask for help then before you get your cart, if your not familiar with the store, second why not tell them you need help cause you have alot to purchase, third, i've been there many times and if i need help, i'll ask, i'm not that old but i know how to ask for help. You cant expect a business to have 100 of employees on the clock.

Learn who to ask, service desk was on your way out. Utility worker


Some people just like to wine and complain. Just likr these people do their entire life.


I really liked this store. The lap dances were awesome, and I wasnt able to sit down for a week. I really enjoyed the time I spent there.


I didn't realize 60 was the new 90. I guarantee the cashier asked u if u needed help loading because that's part of his training.

And did u stop to think that maybe he was a new cashier & may have felt overwhelmd with such a large purchase?

Its hard to give great customer service to guests wh are groucchy from the get go. Try smiling next goes along way.


Chelle...I disagree. I was also treated like a non entity and was ignored.

Oh, hey, I'm only 33 so there's that. Age has nothing to do with good service and Menard's needs to show their employees how to help, instead of wander off. I had to ask 3 times to get the correct lighting application.

I;m going back to Lowe's.


you obviously didnt ask for help. do you epect people to read your minds?

Some older people are so grouchy that they *** your head off when you offer help. next time ask for it and it will be given.


60 year old people don 't write "sucks". Nice try.


Sure they do.


Lay off Menards and quit whining! I have been a frequent customer there and have never had an issue with any employee.

Did you ever ask for help?? Doubt it.


I think he or she is saying that they had to find all the stuff around the store and load it onto the carts by themselves. Nick was the carry out and helped load the items from cart to vehicle.

Im guessing they dont know Nick since I doubt he would get a whole lot of glory out of having a good comment on a internet site. Most likely just a valid complaint written somewhat confusingly.


Ever think Nick was the carryout?