Chicago, Illinois

I really dont understand when your good employees get walked all over. They are treaded like ***.

They go out of their way to help people and they are hard workers. Its a shame your front end management you have at this store are very mean type of people. Its a shame that you dont see through what a kind people they are. There is a few stores I think your management should changed.

You should get people to work for you that know how to treat their fellow employees. You have alot of great employees that work for you that get stepped on.

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learn to speak english your a fing *** did they jus not complain about the frontend manager. i never repost to these forms.. besides on *** comments such as yours


This is a consumer complaint site not an employee complaint site. You are an *** and deserve all the bad treatment you recieve.


Let's see, where's Hodgkins?? :grin


Employees being treated like ***, which is a considerable isue.. no?


What exactly are you complaining about?