Livingston, New Jersey

Way to many young workers who know nothing about their jobs!! Menards needs to do a much better job at training employees.

Been shopping locally owned lumber yards/home stores lately because of more knowledge employees have on what they carry and sell. At menards I always look for the older employees for help. By older I mean early 40' s or older.

I have found most every time these are the employees with the most knowledge. Asked one young employee at menards to point out what isle I could find the 8 penny nails in and he had no clue what I was talking about.

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I started out as a part time hardware team member and knew nothing about Menards. I knew that you used a hammer to pound in nails.

I knew the basics that everyone knows. That was about it. This has nothing to do with younger or older people knowing more. What you need to seek out is the more experienced team member and that could be a 19 year old, or it could be the 70 year old.

I have worked in 4 different departments and that experience helps in knowing where products are in the store. The person who has worked in only one single department, may know his/her department, but does not know anything outside his/her department. New team members are trained to find a more experience team member when they encouter a guest who has a question they can not answer. It can be an intimidating store for a newer team member so ease up and take a deep breath.

I remember the days when I walked into a store and I started in aisle 1 and walked up and down every single aisle and found what I wanted. Now days you just walk in, walk down 1 aisle and then start asking where is this and where is that.

In addition to taking a deep breath, why not get some exercise and start taking a walk around the store. Most of the time people ask for items that are only one aisle away from his/her current location.


I once asked an old customer if he needed help and he just mumbled and walked away saying the only thing I did hear, which was, "*** young idiots." Sounds like you have a similar problem. If you communicate, and ask questions as a customer; like, "if you don't know then could you point me in the direction of some one who does?," you get a lot further.

Or you can just be an ***, and get on with your miserable life, your choice.


Not all 'older' workers know. Menards does hire people that are 'older'.

Not everyone has worked there for 20+ years.

And not every team member knows EXACTLY where every single product is in the store, even if they aren't new.

Menards moves *** around on us all the time. I know, as I work at one and usually if I don't know, I try to find another person in that department to help, depending on what I'm doing/where I am because I am a cashier.


Hahah I have to chuckle at this. I am a 19 year old menards Manager.

I began working for the company at age 16. I have moved through the ranks to manager, and probably know more about building supplies than most of you :) I have sold countless numbers of pole barns, garages, post frames, etc. with no problems ALL while providing A+ guest service.

This is my BIGgest pet peve-people who think kids don't know anything. Get your head out of your ***.


Looks you could also use some training on your poor grammar. If you aren't the pot calling the kettle black.


U should be thankful menards gives young ppl a place to work and pay for college. U can't expect them to know all.

Some have never driven home a nail. But that's okay. Were all different. This is what's wrong with America.

U will someday thank that young buck for payin for ur health when ur old and feeble. Appriciation goes a long way


look old *** person..give a young person a fair shake you's know..The guy who created this site has the worlds smallest pair..I say vote for joey franco fights the whole pissed consumer staff on national TV ...let's get this done and stop wee fella's with tiny peters from ruining this great country :p


as an employee of menards I must say the customers really expect a lot but hey we do the best we can and if I don't know the answer or I can't help it a certain area i'll find someone who can.. I never abandon a customers needs even if I cant help


You sound like you would be the person to go to the men for assistance before ever going to a woman. Not everyone will know all of the knowledge/location of the store and its contents immediately.

If you think that extra training will cement this into the new workers I don't believe you have experience in retail (or experience in work at all). I am a young worker at Menards and it's true, I don't know everything and I will be the first to admit it. If there is a question asked that I have no idea about, I will ask an experienced co worker or manager. If you are so impatient that you do not want to wait the couple of minutes for me to ask, then that is your own problem.

Guests assume the workers live there and only live to serve them. It's a job to pay the bills, to pay the rent, and to help me through college. If you want Menards to only hire experienced and knowledgeable people, I should hope your child receives/has received the same treatment. Don't know enough about his/her job, don't hire.

Earning experience is a big part of entry level jobs. My shift is from 5am-noon. I am a morning stocker who is part time sales.

I accepted the job not expecting as much guest interaction as I receive. I enjoy my job very much and go to work with a smile on my face expecting to help guests to the "best of my ability." Don't bring down young workers who are just trying to gain experience or income for living.


I am a 20 year old Menards worker, and I am darn near one of the best. Don't discriminate against young people.

Sure, some young people don't know what they are doing, but guess what? Some older don't know either. And they pay all of their employees the same, no matter how old you are.

And if you know soooo much about that kind of stuff. Why don't you try to work there?


Isle is what Hawaii is. Aisle is what Menards has.

It should also be way TOO many. Looks like you're the one that needs some training.


I know my rights, I watch People's Court.


It seems that the Menards workers come on this site often to speak defensively. I was looking for a forum on which to discuss the bad service I've been getting at Menards.

Basically, I've decided that the workers are probably underpaid and just don't care.

I have been working on some large projects and have returned several times to our local Menards only to become more and more frustrated by the lack of experience and overall lack of desire to help coming from the floor staff. I feel forced to go to Ace from now on, where people try to help (meaning, if you don't know the answer, maybe you could find someone who does?).


:upset they are right. companies want to pay the younger people less.


You mean you couldn't lift your head and read those big green signs??


I guess you knew everything when you were hired on your current job? Maybe you need to learn a little patience with your fellow man.


another grumpy old *** who remembers a time that never existed...he wanted the eight penny nails to nail some pennies to his floor to keep his money safe!