Kenosha, Wisconsin

Menards let a person make much higher charges to my Menards card without my written permission. I had agreed to let her make charges not to exceed $600.00 but only if she made the payments.

She (Lisa Swanson) charged $1695.00 to my card and to this point she has paid nothing.

She had just rented a small house in Fond Du Lac wi and said she needed a small stove and refrigerator and that she would not exceed $600.00 but when I received the billing I found that she also charged a portable dishwasher and an expensive microwave oven. When I asked her about this she said she deserved a dishwasher and I said that may be so but only if YOU pay for it.

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The smart thing you should have done...not let someone else be added to your card file and keep YOUR credit card to YOURSELF what did you think she was going to do? jeeesh


hahaha ***


This is your fault not Menards you shouldnt give someone your card to use in the first place. And the cashier dosent have to check ID unless they have to physically slide the card themselves. So you should really blame yourself and go see Judge Judy Im sure she can help you!


You sound like Menards now, blaming someone or something else for your mistake. You're just mad that she ripped you off.

But that was totally your *** idea in the first place, letting a woman use your card just to get some nuckie.

Get real. :cry

retail worker 123

No retailer is responsible for your credit card purchases, only you. If you don't want charges made to your card, then don't give it to anyone!!!! This was your *** mistake.


you, sir, are an ***


Why did you hand over your credit card in the first place? Sounds pretty dumb to me.


So how was Menards responsible for this? Did you inform the store of your agreement with Lisa?

How do you expect them to know otherwise? It seems like a *** mistake on YOUR part, not Menards.