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You are violating the law by discriminating against people with medical conditions and religious beliefs that prohibit them from wearing masks.

User's recommendation: Go to Lowe's.

Preferred solution: Stop your illegal rules.

Menards Cons: Customer service if you have a bad experience.

Location: 2150 East Greyhound Pass, Carmel, IN 46033

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Maskless hog! Stay home!


I'm actually a stunning beauty fyi, I love you too but I can barely manage to care for my own health and my 5 kids. Your health is your problem.

Why don't you care about my blood pressure?? Thats a way bigger issue than some flu. If you are scared, you must be vastly wealthy and can afford to not make money by meeting people and making deals. Good for you!

I have to make money and I want the freedom to breathe. Also, I have multiple county health department exemptions.

Do you care about that? I love you


If you are in such poor health that you feel you can't wear a mask you shouldn't be out in public risking the chance of catching the virus. Who will take care of your 5 kids if you catch the virus and die from it?


They aren't discriminating against anyone. They are doing their best to protect their employees and customers by requiring everyone to wear a mask.

If you don't want to wear a mask for the few minutes you. are in a store stay home and shop on line or have someone else do your shopping for you.


I doubt they are breaking any laws. They are accommodating by you buying online and they loading your order in the car. I’m glad they enforce mask it makes it safe for his employees to feel safe to go to work and be protected from idiots.


An idiot is someone who thinks a dirty piece of cloth can protect them from a deadly microscopic virus. Take a puff of a cigarette then put your mask on to prove its doesnt work.

Its about submission, control, and dehumanization. Its working.


An idiot is someone that doesn't understand that wearing a mask isn't a perfect solution but does stop a lot of the virus scarring droplets coming from the wearers mouth and nose from entering the air around them. Wearing a mask will also stop some of the droplets that aren't caught from being breathed in by others. It's all about reducing risk, not eliminating the risk.


And what will happen when there is another virus? These masks were never meant to come off. There have been many studies on masks and all of them find they don't work https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/19-0994_article https://www.worldtribune.com/study-of-10-million-chinese-shows-asymptomatic-spread-of-covid-never-existed/

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