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I bought a side by side refrig. at menards great deal even bought a 3 year warranty!

They delievered the wrong one I went to the store to staighten this out, was told the one I bought the day before was priced wrong and I owed them money With my paper work in my hand 4 store managers told me they would do Nothing to help me.

I spent $800 in menards and they said To bad, I ask the manager if he knew Bait and Switch is illegal He didn't know what that meant. I will never shop at Retards again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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You really think a few thousand dollars and the few people who will actually listen to you blabber are going to bring the store down? That sucks that they did that to you, but to be truthful Menards is a huge corporation and they really won't be effected by the loss of your business.


I'm wondering if there aren't more Lowes customers & employees posting than Menards?


Im not to sure why this guest feel they were screwed out of what they paid for. You did not pay the correct price for what you wanted.

I could see giving you a discount for your trouble but I get sick of guess who wants something for nothing. It was an honest mistake.

And why is it 90% of an angry guest first comment is "You just lost out on alot of business because I just started to remodle." Ya sure!! Wouldnt you have started with some floors or cabinets?


Thanks Yeah, I work there you just gave me a good idea for my next prank, and I believe they sell crazy glue at both stores.


Fella, your comment reminds me of a funny story, This reeks of urban legend, and I have not bothered do any fact checking, but the story goes like this. A guy goes into the mens room at a Home Depot, sits down to take care of his business, and discovers that someone has slathered the seat in crazy glue.

He calls out for help, but no one comes in. Finally a store manager comes to the guys aid and calls 911. The paramedics unbolt the seat from the toliet and take him to the er. The guy sues claiming that several employees came in, refused to help, and made fun of him instead.

Story goes that he made millions.

I wish I could have been head cashier that day. I would have loved to see his face when I asked to see the receipt for the toilet seat as the paramedics were wheeling him out the front door with his hind parts up in the air wearing a porcelain halo.


"yeah, i work there"...

you know what you're talking about. guys like us, if we see somebody or something that's ***, we'll call it ***.

none of this b.s. like you get with other people. just love it when people are either dumb or are actually trying to thieve us, then expect sympathy.

wonder if they need assistance in the bathroom to make sure they hit the target. egh!


screwed by retail actually has the cojones to look at the string he started! I gotta say that almost brings a tear to the eye.

Listen up *** (fella, i love this word). You're trying to get something for nothing. How do I know that you didn't switch the price tags on the display yourself? The fact of the matter is that you paid for an $800 fridge and were delivered an $800 fridge.

You want to pay for an $800 fridge and get a better one.

Besides, what you described is not the bait and switch, but rather a mistake. Bait and switch would be to advertise an item at a price, and then not have any available (in stock or via order) and try to get you to buy a more expensive one.


Exactely Thinking out Loud. If he truely were a Menards Manager he would be trying to get to a solution rather than telling you your service is not needed.

Lately there have been a few teens posting rude comments on these letters just to get attention. This may be the case here.


To the guest writing the article, please understand Menards does deliver service, and most stores would talk care of you. Im sorry that this one has not.

What store are we talking about?

Also please dont think that these people making comments are truly Menards employees all hidden names have hidden identity in them. Unless you talk to someone face to face realize that this most likely isnt someone who works in this company.


To the menard managers that responded, there is more to the story , The managers in this store didn't know their own inventory. The person who prices the items had no idea what they were doing.

No one seemed to know who to blame, they pointed fingers at each other and told me sorry about my luck, They miss priced the item and I paid for their mistake! It is lucky for me that John feels differently about this than you do. Just remember this one thing, An unhappy customer will tell everyone. And to you Mr.

Menards Manager, I hope you are not employed at this certain store, their management will be looked at closely, You see a retail store is only as good as the persons running it, This one will go down.

However, another store in our town made $1400 that day and $1000 the next. The remodel has just began, And they thank you.


I guess you can say good riddence to the letter writer right MenardsManager. Hopfully the retard will keep his promise and not come back.


There is definitely more to this story. Besides, customers try to screw Menards out of money all of the time. Maybe it is our turn for once.


you deserve a darwin award for your brilliance.


Better grammar. Proper spelling. Appropriate punctuation and sentence construction.

I recommend them all.


I'm gonna take a wild guess and say there's just a LITTLE bit more to this story than this clown is telling us....


Good, we do not want you to come back again anyways. But, to our dismay, you probably will.