Yardworks Soaker hoses

Purchased a dz last year for Gregg

Shimanski Realty front flower beds.

Rolled up and stored in heated warehouse over the winter. This yr they are kinking up in multiple locations on each hose and ineffective.

Called manufactured they suggested filling with water and laying in the sun for a day but no consumer credit pitched packaging last yr but do have receipts of purchase.

Any assistance you could offer wood b appreciated. Thanks

User's recommendation: Bad product.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

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If you have the receipts you should be able to take them back to the store for exchange or a store credit as they have a 3 year warranty.


or manufacture could produce a product that is more durable than to last 1 season?


Yes, Menards could specify better specs for their house name yard looks products but they are looking for a low price rather than high quality. It costs them less to replace the few items that get returned with a receipt than to produce a higher quality item.


A few of the 50,000 people who purchased this product in 2020 and still had a receipt exchanged it for a product that will fail again in a year, the rest of the 50,000 just put the 1year old garden hose in their trash can. So much for a store "dedicated to service and quality".

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