Bellefontaine, Ohio

I bought a YS200 UTV used for $1900. it ha the front bumper and roof.

It runs very good! I have taken it to several tractor shows so I can ride instead of walking because I have RA and diabetic neuropathy. I have had no trouble at all with my YS200. I have repainted it John Deere green and yellow, installed a clock, and an oo-oo-ga horn.

This UTV's price is lower than any other on the market. Cheaper and better than a golf cart! Plus it will run 30mph! I'd give mine a 10 out of 10, A+!

The only question I have - I've searched everywhere I can think of and can't find who makes the engine for this unit?

Thank for making a nice UTV that I could afford!


Reason of review: I am very happy with my YS200!.

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Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to announce Bob as the 2015 Menards employee of the year for his dedication to the company.

P.S the engine and whole machine are off brand Chinese companies so when the machine needs service or parts you better get your walking shoes on.

@John Menard


The unit is assembled in Indiana by American Sportworks. You can get any parts/information directly through them. I really wish they would block ignorant people from supplying incorrect information, but i guess that is why our country sucks right now, you all should be so proud.