Saint Paul, Minnesota

As much as I HATED dealing, (yes I said "DEALING") with the pain of retarded, the most incompetent so called "Guests"; people who can't figure out their *** from their own hole they eat out of, I hated working for this company. Do not work retail, people look down on you like you are the *** of the Earth, like because you had to get a temp job at a retail store to pay the bills, you just so happen to miraculously know how to fix their *** "Home Improvement" problems. I was blown away by the ridiculous questions I was asked. IT IS A "SELF" HOME IMPROVEMENT STORE! Do not go in there thinking that they know everything! Figure the *** job out yourself!

On to the company... Maybe if you treated your employees with respect and dignity they would like working there? Maybe if your drive would be a little less on "add on sales" and a little more on thanking the employees for the hard work they put forth to give the higher ups a fat *** check, they would treat people better cuz they would be proud and not embarrassed and depressed to work at a low income job. It's sad when a fellow manager (as I was) tells you he is stuck because the company has sucked him so far in (money wise) that he cant just go get another job. Sure you make $50,000/year, at what price? The man works 50-60 Hrs. a week! I was working 45-50 Hours a week and making just less than $15.00/Hr. and working long hrs every other weekend. NOT WORTH THE TIME AWAY FROM MY FAMILY!!!!!

Sure you may think I'm just ranting and raving, and your probably right. I am sour towards Menards due to my experience. But this is also a note to all those of you out there that wanna get mad at an employee that works there. Not everyone can, or will be pleased, so what if your that 1 that isn't pleased? Your voice does not, and will not ever matter. It just really reflects upon the management on the store.

Remember... If an employee has a bad attitude... Attitude reflects leadership...


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Gagshaga is right! It's unfortunate people think he is complaining and should man up or even worst have a better attitude.

The way customers treat you is horrible. They ask completely ridiculous questions, they often treat you like you have no value what so ever and should just do whatever they say because they are the customer, they are horrible listeners; you often have to repeat yourself several times or they totally miss the point.

The jobs you're required to do are just silly/***. Putting 100+ lb items up onto racking 10 feet in the area using a ladder. All in the efforts to make more room to sell more stuff!

It's hostile and the work required often does not reflect the pay. The break room is a prime example it's a 10x10 space where the public are allowed to go and can see from the cash registers. No fridge! I was told it so small because they needed more room to sell more stuff!


Most people have to walk to their vehicle which on average takes me 3 minutes there and 3 minutes back, that's 6 minutes of my break walking when I've been walking all day as it is. If you take a break over 35 minutes you lose 2 points, 1 point if you call LOL.


I am EXTREAMLY DESAPOINTED with the way I have been treated at your Effingham, Illinois Store. I ordered a special order ( EFF********* ) lumber order and was told seven days. It took almost three times longer then that to get in. I called the store on may 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th to see if it was in ans was told no it is not in the yard. I even told them their on line tracker said it was in their yard on the 9th. Finaly on the 11th they said they had found the order. I went to pick it up on the 12th. I was told it was in a certain door and did not see the order so tracked down two workers. I asked them aand they said they had no idea where it was and turned to walk away. I asked them again if it was not to much trouble could they locate it. They said well I guess we could. We found the order and it was partially damaged. One board on the edge had been hit by a fork lift and was damaged. I asked if a replacement had been ordered and the guy said why dont you want the damaged one. DA. I asked him to reorder it and he told me the guy at the guard shack did that. I asked for a printed copy of order and he said he had no idea how to perduce one. I asked him to contact his supervisor and he stood and watched me and my 12 year old son load the order onto the truck. He neither at that time got the new order placed or offered to help load the truck. I am not sure where you grew up but as an adult I was taught to never watch a child work and not help. i also asked about attaching a order for two additional pieces of lumber to come with the re order and was told there was no way I could get them combined. I finaly left the yard with a partial order. The next day I contacted the manager via e mail and informed him of the events and asked if he could ecpedite my re order since they had damaged the original. I am still waiting for a confirmation on the delevery. The manager also was un professional in tone and attempt to answer my problems. he had one excuse after another about the problems and told me the damage happened at the factory. i asked then why did he not reorder and wasnt there a record of the damage on the invoice. he said to just not worrie about it he was the manager and Menards set it up for him to handle problems like me. I asked to talk to a district manager he said there is none. I asked to talk to corporate he told me to contact the web site. Again I have called dailey and still no answer on expediting the order. I even called the Manager of the Champaign store and he tried to get the manager of the Effingham store to try and call me back. The only info I had was a call on my voice mail that said it would be in when it came in.

I would like some help here. I would like a call from corporate to me pat Cooper @ 1-217-552-**** and help me complete this order. I also would recomend that you send an inspector in as I have noticed multiple electrical and fire code violations in the yard. safety first and your store is a hazard.



:cry abc your nothing but a *** and everyone knows it.


Ya ok abc you know nothing of me or what your talking about so Menards and John Menard can suck a fat ***


I've seen a manager try to pass on their responsibility to take care of a horrible bathroom situation on a carry out and tell them that it was their job. I personally had to step in and call them out on how they were just trying to get someone else to take care of a problem they didn't want to deal with because of the nature at hand. Sure a job these day's is nothing to complain about, but when you're surrounded by managers who make up their OWN policies and procedures and go against corporate guidelines there's only so much a person can take.


if you just plain have a bad attitude,it doesnt matter where you work because you will always think badly..change your attitude and work can change.if you read the contract before signing for a manager position it almost literally says you will dedicate your time to before you sign,im sure menards also pays you to sit at a seminars for two days just to listen,they also send holiday gifts,you get a store credit for christmas and ips..if they really wanted to be *** and didnt appreciate you then you wouldnt get *** not the happiest person there but i sure as *** know to be appreciating of what all the unemployed americans wished for..a job!! and for mbt2011..if you werent getting full time it means that your work ethic wasnt good..ive seen plenty of people get full time as soon as they complete their 3 months because they are just some awesome workers


I love you. Good luck out there Buddy.


I couldn't be happier I walked out. Seriously the worst job I've ever had!


at least you got full time pay i worked at the menards here for almost 4 yrs "part time" or at least my wages were those of part time and i normally would work 40+ hours a week but every time i asked when i could go full time they said there were no full time openings it was bs. soooooooooo happy i quit almost 3 months ago.


No I gladly quit