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So, I've posted about this before, I'm not gonna stop until justice is served. Menards wronly terminated me just because somebody i thought was a friend shoplifted there to lead to me being wrongly terminated.

Now, if i was involved and it was proven, i would've done time for being an accessory. Well, guess what? I didn't, and never was given a reason to why i was terminated, i was told "you best not come in tomorrow" by the G.M. in a threatening manner.

It seems as if since that day, i cannot find employment elsewhere.Defamation of Character Characteris what I'm assuming.

My only obligation is to seek justice. Do i have a winnable case?

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Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #692114

There is no law saying that an employer can only confirm past employment, job title and dates. Many companies per policy only say that much so that they can't be sued. But reason for end of employment is a common question.

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #676744

if your want justice to be served, posting in an online forum is not the right path. seek advice from an attorney, not anonymous online folk.


You sign a piece of paper when you are hired stating you can be fire anytime for any reason or no reason at all.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #654348

I don't believe you. There was a legitimate reason that you were fired.

Also if you live in a right to work state, the employer can fire a person for any reason, even if they don't like the socks you are wearing, and doesn't have to give a reason for it. I'm sure the manager isn't running around defaming you, but if you put down that you had worked there, and a prospective employer asks about you he can give his opinion.

Exactly what was it you shop lifted? Whether or not you went to jail for (allegedly) being an accessory would have depended on the article.

to anonymous #665944

Actually, an employer can only confirm past employment, job title and dates. Employers are not allowed to make character assessment to another prospective employer.

Rochester, New York, United States #654302


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