Evansville, Indiana
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friend was caught attempting to shoplift and i was fired for that. they never gave me a reason for firing me.

i never got interrogated by police. the general manager was very rude and accused me of stealing. no proof. never been arrested ever.

i had no idea he was gonna steal or attempt to steal. seems like i cant be hired anywhere because of this. i bet some of you will dog me, go ahead. i know i am innocent.

i loved my job and was always ridiculed about my performance.

i honestly believe they screwed me out of getting a job elsewhere. what can i do?

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Thing is Indiana is an "At-Will" employment state. They don't need a reason to fire you.


Typical Menards management, with that being said there is nothing you can do. They don't care about facts, all they care about is whether or not they like you.

People can pretty much say whatever to my GM and he will believe it even if it's not even close to being true. Yet we several workers who breaks all sorts of rules and it goes ignored because they suck up to the GM.


Heartless, you should've seen it. They thought they were hero's.

***, the door department guy even came out to try and be involved. They searched friends truck without an officer present.