Owensboro, Kentucky
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I worked my *** off for Menard's, took people shifts when they needed it, also stayed late when they needed me. I even took the PFA classes for advancement and was moving up in the company .

Never missed work.because one girl caused a problem and I done the right thing and went to my boss , My job was on the line and was said I needed to be watched. So I got pissed and left for the day. I was told I would get points for leavening and when I came back the next day they suspended me for 3 days. That's *** how they came change there minds like that and get away with it so screw them I quit.

That girl made me loose my management job opportunities by trying to do the right thing and I got punished for it so *** it I'm done need them and I will make sure everybody I know how Menard's treat there people. They want slackers to work for them not hard works

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What you did is called job abandonment. You can be terminated for it and if that's how you conduct yourself at your job, I would have considered firing you too. Leaving because you want to and expecting others to pick up your slack is irresponsible.


I worked for then for over 10 years. When I left I was an assistant general manager.

I understand your upset and have seen exactly what heartless is talking about however, if you worked like you write, I'm sure they were happy to see you go. You don't come across as someone who cares about doing a good job.

You come across as a hot head who acts without thinking.

As for what heartless said, Menards philosophy is, there are millions of people looking for jobs right now so there is no reason to care about who we have, everyone can be replaced at a moments notice.


You don't write so well yourself.


You have serious grammar issues and spelling errors. I wouldn't hire you based off that alone.

However, you're correct Menards prefer slackers as long as they kiss managements ***. They will keep lazy useless people around and fire really good workers over one issue. I've witnessed it time and time again. Management even knows there are certain people who do a poor job and they go oh well, but if one crazy person comes off the street making bogus claims you can bet you will be threatened at the very least to lose your job.

We have a phrase at my Menards it doesn't pay to work hard, we all get paid the same no matter what we do.

Regardless I don't know how not to work hard. I can't just stand by and go oh well.


I might sympathize more if I your post was more clear on exactly what the issue was. I have no clue from this post what in the *** you're talking about!!