Bellevue, Nebraska
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Menard's ordered a kitchen sink that was supposed to have the large bowl on the left and small bowl on the right twice over a 2 week period holding up getting our kitchen put in. However the second time the sink was sent directly to the granite fabricator and the granite was cut according to the 2nd sink which was again wrong.

Our kitchen requires 2 slabs of granite for the installation and to re-do the mistake due to the sink, we would have to have another matching slab, which the supplier does not have. The cost is over $3000.

Menards has been giving us the run-around now for almost a month. My elderly parents are due to arrive in 3 days to spend 2 weeks with us.

Which I made Menards aware of and still no response. We would like to see any one of the Menards managers live without a kitchen for a month...they have no idea!

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Menards doesn't even sell granite...


what does that part about your parents matter? oh yeah..

that's right..

IT DOESN'T!! haha


This was a phenomenally great idea you had here.


I fail to see how this is Menard's fault. It sounds more of an error on the fabricator's part.