Walnut Creek, Ohio
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Shopped at an Menards store in Findlay,OH on Jan. 2, 09, between 2-2:30 p.m.

We parked at a close spot by the entrance. After we paid for our stuff, I picked up my receipt, which I thought was mine. The cashier's name was Judy. When we left the store, we came out another door which took us far away from our close spot.

It was very cold and windy that day, and didn't appreciate existing at a different door.

We drove about an hour to this store and when we got home, we discovered the receipt was the wrong one. I had picked up the previous customer's receipt.

The people behind us picked up our receipt, and on and on. We bought a saw among other things, and now I have no receipt in case something is wrong.

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um.. you do know that there are side doors that you can get out or come in through? lol


OMG!!!! Have a little whine with your freakin cheese.

I work at a P2 location, but, have been to a Mega Menards. If it's too hard for you to walk out the exit door, have one our team members at Customer Service give your lazy a.. a wheelchair for cryin' out loud. Also, maybe if you put your glasses on your face you would have been able to see that you had the wrong receipt to begin with.

You were born with a brain SO USE IT!!!!!

*** Is As *** Does. Further more if you don't like the cold weather here in the Midwest.....MOVE!!!!


At least B.O. won't be getting us into any failed wars which cost us over $10 billion per month.

That alone could fix our economic problems. Wheeeee!!!!

Thanks George!


Have you never heard of personal responsibility? Check your receipt when you pick it up you ***!!!

I guess you've never been in a big box home improvement store before because EVERY one I've been in in the past few years has (drum roll please) seperate entrance and exit doors. It really is 6 to one, half a dozen to the other, you would have to walk exactly the same distance outside whether you parked closer to either door. I'd be willing to bet you are a Democrat who voted for B. O.

because you think he will take care of everything for you.

Perhaps he'll introduce legislation making it illegal to have seperate entrance and exit doors because it so upsets a small minority of the people living in this country, and God forbid we offend anyone. Take some personal responsibility, and if you are really that *** stay out of society and inside your home!


Geez MM, stop making so much sense! I think you're starting to confuse these dopes!



WALK THROUGH THE EXIT!!!! What a brilliant *** idea!!!! Splendid!!


Hot *** boys, another person blaming Menards for the guest not looking at something before they left. The last guy "didn't notice" a $24 price increase, now this guy is blaming us for picking up the wrong receipt, and (the way I took it) is blaming one of our cashiers, Judy, for him not looking at it to make sure it was his before he left. How in the *** do these people function to survive as humans?

Next time you're in: Park either in the middle or near the exit. God forbid you have to walk an extra 10 feet in the Alaskan conditions of Findlay, Ohio. Second, right as you get into the store and walk past the corral, take your credit or debit card to the kiosk that says "print your old receipts here" and do just that: print your old receipt. It works just as good as the one you didn't think to correctly pick up last time.

Again, absolutely incredible.


What the *** are those bastards at Menards doing now. Using invisable ink on their receipts that shows up only after you get home.

They must not want you to know what you paid for before you leave. Guess what... parking close to the entrance causes a longer walk from the exit when you leave.

Here is a novel idea for you...try parking between the exit and the entrance, Then you won't have to walk so far when you leave. Besides a little excersise doesn't hurt.