Muskegon, Michigan

Here's what I just sent to Menard's via their e-mail address. We'll see what comes back, but I'm not holding my breath. Even other Menard's stores look at my local one as a laughing stock for how they handle customer issues.

Today I received a delivery of landscaping blocks. They were the wrong color.

When I placed the order, I stated the type I wanted by part number 179-3960, but that I wished them in Sienna. I also asked for caps (179-5674), those too in sienna.

These items were written on my sheet with the color clearly noted (actually chose tan first but scratched that out and printed "siena"[sic] right next to the quantity.

The gentleman then handed me over to the delivery scheduler, a young lady. When I noted the color on the sheet she gave me stated tan and gray, she told me not to worry, that was just an example on the form.

So, the wrong colored items showed up today. I called the store and talked to the gentleman who claimed to take my order. When I explained the situation to him, he said he would put me through to the delivery person. An individual identified himself as "Dan" and asked if he could help me. I asked if he was the scheduler. He said he was and told me what he knew of the situation, after I asked if I needed to explain my situation again. He said he would replace the bricks but needed to charge me for a second delivery fee. I argued with him about that stating that I felt I had requested the appropriate thing, even going so far as to try to catch what I thought was an error, only to be reassured that it was not.

Dan was very short and offered no movement on his position that I would be charged for the re-delivery. I got very frustrated with his manner, so I asked to speak to his manager. He said I could not, he doesn't have a manager. A couple more questions were asked when he finally admitted he was the store manager. I asked you're the delivery scheduler AND the store manager? He replied "Unbelievably so."

He then told me that my paperwork says what I got, so there was nothing he was going to do about it. Dedicated to service and quality. I dropped a choice word on him telling him what he was full of. He rightfully hung up on me-no problem there.

You've got me over a barrel. I told them to go ahead and schedule the transfer. Dan (Herrera) certainly does not have great soft skills. His inflammatory attitude and comments helped escalate the situation to where it did not need to go.

I would like an explaination as to why this error has resulted in a cost to me. What else could I have done, when your representative told me not to worry about the error I perceived? Am I to have greater core competency in your business than your employees? Are they not "dedicated to service and quality?"

Thank-you for your time and attention to this matter.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I had almost exactly the same experience, even the same color issue! Lol, you know, when you work with people who are doing a job they really don't want to do, you get bad service.

Yup, you are over a barrel. Yup you were cheated. But getting angry at them is only adding to your own losses - they are unable to care, and Menards (or any other company name) is just a name for a lot of those people, not a separate and morally pure individual somehow failed by its employees.

I do wish you the best for your project and hope it comes out looking great! :grin Mine is looking great but I still have to get those wrong color caps exchanged somehow.


I am sorry for your bad experience. But you do have some responsibility for this error.

You should of had Menards put the correct color and item number down on the invoice. That way they couldn't blame you for the error. I also wouldn't have accepted the wrong color blocks from the delivery driver.

I would of told them it was wrong and take them back. So, if all you had to pay for was another delivery charge, you were lucky.


You specified exactly what product number you wanted and are now upset because they delivered that exact product number. I wouldn't be surprised if their customer service did file your complaint in the recycling.


Just because you scratch out the color and write the correct one does not mean it automatically changes. You should of told the man who wrote up your order that it was the wrong color.

I write orders all the time at the desk, it's honest mistake and will only take a few seconds to change so you can have the right invoice printed. Granted, he should have looked to make sure but there's also some responsibility on your part to. You saw it was wrong you should taken it back to the man who wrote up the order and asked him.

I don't know the what the Delivery person was thinking, but they should have known to rewrite the order. If the colors on the invoice match the ones that were delivered then there's nothing they can do.


Scratching out a color on an invoice and writing in a new color doesn't change the information in the computer. The only thing that has the handwritten color on it it the copy of the invoice you have.

Everything Menards has shows the color printed on the invoice.

When you place an order you need to be sure what is printed is correct. If not have it re-printed with the correct information, handwritten notes mean nothing.