Miamisburg, Ohio

When I checked out the price wasn't right I told the cashier it wasn't right it had this price on it . I told her to call a manager.he came and said they couldn't do any thing couldn't sell below cost.

He called someone and said they could take five dollars off. Any time a price is on a item that should give it to you.wasnt nice people . If you want my business I want something to make up for my trouble. Thank you please take care of this issue please.

I don't wasn't to go anywhere else. Should train your people to get a little nicer

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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If an item is marked at a price and the sku matches the store must honor that, that is a law. You can look into that yourself.

I once was shopping for a coat and was able to purchase a Clayborne wool coat for $180 under cost because it was improperly priced. I didn't complain. I went to purchase it fit the $89 that I though it was going to cost, when the cashier rang it up it rang up for nearly $300, which I didn't have. I told that wasn't what it was listed on the rack.

It wasn't any problem though. She called the department they checked and saw that it was priced incorrectly and I received my nice $300 wool coat for $89. That was J.C. Penny

This guy has every right to be pissed.

He should have received the item for the price it was marked as long as the sku matched the product. It is federal law that if a product is advetised at a set price the purchaser has the legal right the buy the product the the price listed. Just like gasoline. If you pull into a gas station and pay for gas the tenant cannot change the price of the gas.

Even from the tube you pulled in because that is a advetised price. Advertisement is a legal agreement.


A retail store has the right to charge the proper price for an item. There are any number of reasons the price at the register was different than the tag.

It sounds like the description on the tag probably didn't match the item to have such a large difference. It may be that a shopper before you sat the item in an empty spot on the shelf or saw a lower priced item, grabbed it and put the higher priced item they had in their hand in its spot. It could be that a human being stocking product or putting out tags made a human error and put it in the wrong spot. Either way, you have no right to profit due to another human's error.

You are out no money and you didn't drive to the store expecting to pay the lower price.

If as you feel, a store had to give you the price under an item people would be moving products all the time and stores would be closing their doors as they couldn't make any money. Now for the big question...if the price had rang up lower at the register would you have demanded they charge you more and gone on the internet to complain if they hadn't?