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I always try my best to be clear and not vague with people. Wanting to spruce up the guest bathroom I picked out a bathroom sink / faucet / and vanity top (countertop) by pointing to and visually and verbally confirming what is displayed is what I want with an associate.

2 of the 3 things arrived as expected, the countertop had to be a custom order since they didn't carry a stock size that I needed. It came cut to size but in a completely different material than what I showed them in the store. The contract states the name of the material (stardust quartz), length, width (no thickness which is .5" thicker than what I showed them), and edge finish preferences which all check out with the contract. However how am I supposed to know that the material she placed the order for is different from the one that I showed and .5 inches thicker.

Furthermore standing next to the vanity top that I wanted I showed the straight but not sharp edges and corners I wanted while placing the order, she said thats the "double round over". The top that came in has about .25" dia bevels and corners that give it a very rounded appearance. If I keep this it will look like I'm adding a kitchen counter-top in my bathroom.

Employee mistake - I was sold a cat in a bag with no way of knowing or being able to confirm what they sold me until I picked up the heavy box, drove home and opened it. If the contract showed the thickness atleast maybe it would have clued me in.

I have yet to drive back and return it keeping my fingers crossed they will not give me grief over the 25% stocking fee. I can't dispute the contract however so I'm worried.

If I show an associate the exact countertop material and edges I want to order and they tell me the wrong name and order the wrong type with my correct dimensions how is it possible to confirm what they sold you is what you ordered until you get it. I'm not a materials expert and don't plan to be, whether its marble / quartz/ granite or named blueberry moon or some other name should not matter to me if I show them exactly what I wanted!

Monetary Loss: $104.

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Why was the first thing you did was to post a complaint here? You could have saved the wasted time, gone to Menards and found that they took care of your problem. It seems odd that people have to complain when they have nothing to complain about.


Follow up after my returning of the vanity, giving credit where credit is due upon explaining the story to the return counter, and both store manager and plumbing manager came to the desk without any objection they honored my refund fully. Good job Menards earned a point in my book despite the initial error :)

They took it back despite being this "special order" so the least I could do is follow up with the positive conclusion.


99% of the situations like these are ended positively.

The other 1% are people who communicate poorly; they see what they want to see, they do not listen and they struggle with formulating a coherent argument. They also tend to have the attitude well I'm the customer SO BETTER DO WHATEVER THE *** I want.


Hello, which chain would work for my chainsaw? "Do you have the chain with you?" No! "Okay do you know the brand and model number?" NO! "Then I can't help you." WTF DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T HELP ME, DON'T YOU WORK HERE? (This happens every day at Menards for all sorts of stuff we sell.)

If you purchase something it's your responsibility to educate yourself about the item and what you need to use the item.


Hello where are your screws that I can use outside? "Right here are the most common outside screws our deck screws all sorts of sizes." NO THOSE ARE NOT THEM THEY ARE TOO EXPENSIVE! IT'S THESE ONES RIGHT HERE! "Those are for interior use only and not to be used with treated lumber, it says it right there." WELL THESE ARE THEM!

If you worked for Menards you would experience both these circumstances at least once a day. The problem is not Menards it's the clueless consumer. Most the issues posted on this website are from clueless consumers who are uneducated and entitled.