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Ordered a RD-3 doors with 12 extension. I need the X3-12 but I ordered the RD-0. RD-0 wont fit as David Gross from Gordon doors called said to reorder the correct 12 extention

Preferred solution: Reorder correct extension C3-12.

Location: 2015 Walmart Drive Northeast, Warren, OH 44483

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It’s hard to believe that someone from Gordon Doors, whose business is selling doors, provided you with the info on what to order. What is the company the contractor owns? It sounds like you tried a work around and aren’t being truthful.


Word of advice. You need to not nickel and dime when it comes to contractors.

They should be handling everything. Why didn’t he take the lead if that is his business?


What's the complaint? YOU ordered the wrong product.

Don't expect Menards to be responsible for your error.

Accept the fact that you may have to pay a restocking charge to return an item YOU ordered incorrectly and order the proper item. Next time, do your research BEFORE you place an order.


YOUR employee gave me as the customer the wrong information when HE ordered it for me. I gave HIM the exact specifications my installer advised and HE as an employee of MENARDS incorrectly entered the wrong information.

When I as the consumer give YOUR trained employee specific information from my contractor HE should be responsible enough to follow through as directed. I would have been happy to call my contractor if MR MENARDS EMPLOYEE has questions. YOUR staff messed up with what i needed.YOUR staff needs to be properly trained and take liability for YOUR staff failure. All I as the customer did was give YOUR staff the drawing and parts list, gave HIM my name, address, and phone number and paid at front register.

YOUR staff _u__ked up. End of story.


They give you an exact copy of what you're paying for, before you pay and you sign to confirm it's all correct. So you are responsible if it's in correct. Not the Menards employee.


Now your story changes. In your original complaint you stated that you ordered the product, not that an employee placed an order for you.


Face it man. Your contractor should have ordered it. He doesn’t get to show up and claim “wrong item ordered.” That isn’t a good contractor.


Actually your “contractor “ messed up. He left you hanging by not getting the product himself.


When a contractor has to go to the retail store himself to get the materials he inflates the price to cover his time and profit, just like how a car mechanic charges you significantly more for parts than if you purchased parts yourself at napa. Of course a car mechanic would refuse a customer who supplied their own parts.

The customer gave the menards representative specific information from the contractor on what to order and the menards staff was untrained in how to order properly. Instead of verifying with his supervisor, Mr menards employee decided to guess by rolling the dice and lost.

Now instead of the company admitting the staffing error they choose to point fingers at the customer. A+ business for sure.


A customer who chooses to order their own product takes the responsibility for ordering the correct product to do the job. When you have the contractor order the product they will of course charge you to do that.

They need to be paid for their time and will also be responsible for ordering the correct product.

How much is it costing you to re-order product and pay the contractor for unnecessary return trips to install the product? Bet you would have been better off paying the contractor to order the product.


You tried to be cheap and run a work around. You probably got a written estimate and that’s what you tried to place your order with.

Your contractor needed to handle this, not you. I’m glad you got caught!

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