we went to menards in marshfield wi on june 2 to buy carpet for our deck. we ordered 26 ft.

we were charged for 26 ft. got home had 23 feet. another 40 miles to get it right. the salesman was not professional at all.

we feel as though they should compensate for the inconvience. the same guy waited on us. he acted like it was no big deal.i think the woman working knew more of what she was doing then the guy.

i guess what they say if you want things done right ask a women. thank you

Monetary Loss: $157.

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Did you ever think that maybe it was a new guy? I have cut carpet for people after only seeing it done 2 times and it's not even my department.

Where we roll it out on, it measures the carpet.

Give people a break. You never know the situation.


Boy, that's a stretch---The guy was probably given directions on how to cut it by that same woman!! And did not want to be ungentlemanly by saying anything.

Over the years, I have always watched as these people do the cut. I may appear overly watchful, but you can avoid mistakes by keeping an eye on some of these guys. Remember, you are not dealing with rocket scientists at big box stores.

And, as an aside, I learned decades ago to let my wife do the cuts when laying vinyl, tile, etc. Some of those angles required are beyond simple man like me.

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