Rochester, New York
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I purchased a carpet from Menards which took about 3 weeks to arrive at their Kalamazoo Michigan store . I picked up the rolled carpet which is covered in plastic film and hauled it home .

I made arrangements with a carpet installer , which was done today while I was at work . The carpet was cut and glued perfectly .

When I arrived home I was pissed to find out it was not the carpet I ordered . Completely different than ordered and does not match anything in the room .

How do I return a glued down ugly carpet that some idiots rolled and rapped

wrong at their warehouse ?

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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You should have opened up the plastic a little bit. Everyone is human.

Mistakes happen.

It is your fault also.


*** rap me a song about carpet, I wanna hear it.


HAHAHA you rapped the carpet you ***!!


Hey, *** happens.

It is your responsibility to confirm your purchase.

That is it. Period. Cut a little bit o plastic and check it.

As a builder, I check EVERYTHING before it is installed and after.

I would think that Menards would help rectify the situation somehow. They have always made right with us.