New Ulm, Minnesota

I love how every person on this site comes to complain. Live in the real world...don't come to some website to complain about issues that have occurred to you.

Most of the complaints that are made against Menards is just plain ignorance of people who can never be satisfied. Really, these complaints are ridiculous read the fine print on both the ad and your receipt. It clearly explains what the current promotion is, such as limited stock on hand, or the return policy. If you make big purchases hang on to your receipt.

Menards is not your record keeper, stop with your ignorance and realize that Menards is a very successful company for a reason.

Also, people who go online to complain about pity things will never be taken serious in life.

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This person either works for Menard's or is a corporate apologist. This lack of customer service and blind support of billion dollar companies is what the world has come to. This is what we get when the *** Facebook generation gets into the work world.


I'm a team member at menards and the delivery policy is that they drop the item off at your driveway. To have it delivered into your garage, first floor, or second floor costs extra.

This is a fairly reasonable policy that is also stated in print (not "fine" print), so your complaint is invalid. And as far as the "customer is always right" policy; menards does not go by that because we realize that this is an entirely faulty policy to go by.


Your policy at YOUR store may be stated "in print". Go visit the store in Big Rapids, Michigan, or any OTHER store than yours, and you will see that they are not all the same.

Get your facts straight before making statements without merit. And I don't believe the "customer is always right". And you shouldn't believe all stores are just like yours. I'm sure Menard's has some very good "team members", and some very bad ones.

You can't assume everyone who makes a complaint here is *** and has no good reason to complain. Doing so only makes you part of the problem and not part of the solution.

#674117 *** are we? The site is called "Pissed Consumers".

Would you prefer everyone who comes here says nice things about Menards? Maybe if there was something nice to say they wouldn't be coming to a site like this? :x Wake up....DUHHHHH! Obviously, you work at Menards, and therefore are part of the problem, not the solution.

Especially with your clever observation skills. :?


You can read the BIG PRINT: ARGO FXXK YOURSELF. "Customers are always right." If you don't understand this then perhaps you should take a flying leap into Lake Turd.

@Hugh G Rection

"Customers are always right," is total BS. They are often rude, beyond ignorant and just down right clueless.

This concept customers is always right is horrible the people who actually believe this come in and treat you with zero respect and stomp their feet until they get what they want. There is nothing good about this concept. I've had "customers say this phrase" when they're completely wrong and do not want to listen. Only a fool would ever go around making a statement so and os is always right.

NOBODY IS ALWAYS RIGHT NOBODY! and it's a horrible approach to go shopping with.

Respect the people you are asking help from and they will respect you 100% of the time. Come in with the attitude I'M ALWAYS RIGHT and you will learn quickly that it gets you no where.


The website is called pissed customer!


You must work for Menards!


We paid to have siding delivered. The guy who came to deliver would not drive down the driveway.

He dropped it off at the end of the driveway.

I could not help my husband bring it up to the house so we paid $83.00 for nothing. :(


They are good at this. I had a similar issue.