Rockford, Illinois

I work at Menards and I can say that, YES, prices on shingles are out of control (petroleum product), supplies are spotty, if non-existent (manufacturer shortages). As far as poor service it is hard to comprehend some of the requests I receive in a day.

If you don't know what you want, how do I know what you want? At our store, if a "guest" has a problem we try to take care of it at store level (some of you folks request improbable resolutions like, "free" or unreasonable "compensation"). Unfortunately, manufacturers create products and warranty problems are the responsibility of the manufacturer. Menards can only act as an agent between you and the producer.

After all, this is a business and businesses have to make money to keep the doors open. I empathize with you who have had problems but I also see the people that expect the world for their, "I'm better than you" attitudes toward employees. I try to treat you like I want to be treated. As far as the the theft complaints, retail theft is a major factor that drives higher prices.

The people at Menards are just that, people, they make mistakes. If a mistake is made, I apologize.

But if you didn't get arrested I have to assume that the mistake was rectified.

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I think everyone should work retail once in their life. Then they would understand what it's like to be bitched at for something that is out of your control and had nothing to do with in the first place. Then the world just might be a little better.


Seems to me that if everyone treated employees at stores like Menards a little better, maybe their great service would become even greater. I am glad i don't work in retail because people come in expecting the world for pennies on the dollar.