Houston, Minnesota

Went to Menards with wife and kids, Noticed an old 84 camaro with 2 dogs inside. It was 90 Degrees out.

After half an hour went in and asked them to page owner, but they claim its against policy to do so. Apparently they would Rather have Dead Dogs in the Parking Lot Rather than Disrupt some one who may spend a few Bucks...We called the cops and they wouldnt even come...The Guy should have at Least Parked under the awning in the Loading zone...oh Wait, he probably couldnt Because people Park there...Traverse City Michigan Store...

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Having worked at Menards I can tell you there is no "policy" that wouldn't allow them to make the page you requested. Just employees in the store that don't care about pets.


I personally wouldn't have done anything either if you came up to me at work. Thats the police departments job. You did the right thing by calling them....but if they wouldn't come out, then don't be pissed at Menards.


I understand why you're upset, but if the cops refused to come why would you aspect Menards to do something? The real question is if you were so passionate about the issue why DIDN'T YOU BREAK INTO THE VEHICLE OR START ASKING EVERYONE AND ANYONE SHOPPING AT MENARDS IF IT WAS THEIRS....


People get so tense with animals being left into the car. It’s not ur problem so why make it yours?

Plus half n hour is not that bad. If it’s the whole god damn day..then yes call the police department. Unfortunately it’s not your dog, we misjudge all the time about animal abuse. If you see the same dog in the same car frequently on a hot day.

Call animal services or something for a better dog owner. But honestly, breaking into a vehicle?

So dumb and waste of time. Good luck getting your *** chewed later!


"We called the cops and they wouldnt even come" If they didn't care, why should Menards? Let Karma deal with the owner.


That's too bad. Something like that happened at a couple stores I used to work at and the cops busted out their windows!