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Tried to return a security camera that I cound not get to work. They said they don't take returns on cameras and walked away.

I said that is it I will never spend another penny at menards. It is a good store with good inventory but there customer service is as bad as it gets. I have gone there a number of time to buy something and when I got to the register to pay the scanned price was different than the price liste on the shelf. They are a very dishonest company.

There are other stores in the area that know how to treat there customers right. I will never darken their doorway again

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Menards Cons: Poor customer service, Rude manager, Refund policy.

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I take it you didn't have a receipt and were trying to return a high theft item. Don't expect stores to take back products you can't prove you paid for.


what do you have to base your information of the customer not having a receipt???? The customer was upset they were unable to return the merchandise due to incompetent staff and now your implying the customer is a theif too based on absolutely nothing other then makes a easy excuse to get rid of a customer easy. No wonder this gentleman is going elsewhere in the future

@***fused customer

Menards will take most anything back with a receipt. It's when you don't have a receipt that you may have a problem with a return.


Other stores do not have a problem giving refunds or store credit without a receipt. They are just a bunch of ***


Eat me a##hole I purchased this with cash money. I had been called out of town few days lafter purchase because my son was dying when I got back I messed with the camera and found that I could not get it to work.

I have spent thousands of dollars at Menards and never stole a thing from them. I only wanted store credit. Menards treats their customer like they do not matter.

You don't need a receipt at other stores to get store credit. They are just a bunch of jerks and I am glad to never do business with them again!!!!!!!!


Maybe you son has your receipt?? If so you may then return the camera for in store credit only!!!!

@Menards staff

It take a special kind of *** to make a joke of my sons passing!! You must be a Mensrds company *** that is the kind of jerks that work for them.


If you purchased it with cash money they would have given you a receipt. Bring the receipt in with the camera and I think you should have no problem returning it as long as you return everything that was in the package.


Menards is the only store i know where the receipt i dispensed at the end of the register lane next to the plastic bags, every other store the receipt is handed to you by the employee. I know the "menards forever" gang are going to say I'm just being lazy or entitled by wanting the cashier hand me the receipt but do you have any idea how many times the previous customer still bagging items themself accidentally takes both mine and their receipt or sometimes the receipt printer cuts the paper all the way causing the receipt to fall to the ground??

Also with the fast pace and half A55 customer service provided by menards when your in the register lane the cashier makes you feel pressured to take you stuff and get out of the way before your merchandise you just bought is pushed off the end of the conveyer belt. Between the robot like cashier's, rude front end clerks, sales men who play hide and seek with frustrated customers in need of assistance and a cooperate office who only replays via e mail this company makes Aldi look like Bloomingdales.


In this day and age what you experienced is a policy that is becoming the standard at many stores. They are looking for receipts for items that have a higher value and are prone to theft.

If you read their posted return policies you will find that without a receipt they have an option of not accepting the item or giving a store credit at the lowest sale price.

My bet is that if you had purchased the camera at Home Depot you would be posting the same complaint about them and threatening not to go back to them as sell. Let this be a lesson to hang on to your receipts at least until the warranty has expired.


The security cameras are installed from the store's ceiling for voyeurism purposes only. What makes you think you have the right to ruin the security staff in his moment of ecstasy by trying to return the camera's he's using.

get a life