Dayton, Ohio
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on veterans day I made a large purchase at menards and I asked for my vet. discount of 10%.They said no.

I told them that Lowes and Home depot give vets discounts on all items on sell or not. Still no discount. That tells me what they think of their vets.I bought 7 doors at a cost of 550.00.

there reason for no discount was there price was low to start with so they would not honor any kind of a discount. I guess 10% is asking too much for them to show some appreciation for there vets

Monetary Loss: $550.

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They wouldn't give me a discount on my birthday either. How cheap can they get. Guess I'll have to shop elsewhere as well.


As a Vet myself I do not expect a discount, and neither should you. If you don't like it vote with your wallet and shop elsewhere.

Stop feeling entitled, you volunteered to serve like I did, and I didn't join for the freebies. Despicable.


I have gone to Home Depot for a while now because Menards does not give a military discount. I would rather support a company that supports vets.


In an effort to eliminate annoying customers effective 11/11/2015 Anyone who *** asks for a 10% veteran discount will be charged a 25% "self entitlement" fee

Thank you

@Menards employee for life

I'm 81 over the years I have spent a fair amount of money at Menerads. Spent 4 years in military.

Don't think I'll return to big box store.

I'll go where my money goes a little more. I'm sure they really don't care.


All vets please boycott Meanrds


why do people feel the need to cry because they dont get free discounts on things? Its never stated anywhere menards offers this, why would you just assume they do?

Should i assume i get a discount everywhere i go, just because?

and be mad when i dont? sad


I appreciate that you have served our country, and I thank you. I hope you did it for the right reasons and not because you think you're entitled to pay less on items than me.

Where is the line drawn?

Do you feel like you can buy shares of a hot stock for 10% less too? Thanks for serving our country, but come on.


Purple Heart, MSM, Air Medal(S), 3 Campaign Medals. I servered with pride and for those who were with me, not for a *** discount! Wanting something for something you should look at having the honor of doing is WRONG!!!!!


The whole vet thing is out of control. Suck it up.


Why would you go to a store and assume they gave out a discount. Did you see it advertized or in a ad? Seems like a big assumption.


Not a hard decision... stick with the stores that offer what is important to you.


Menard's does honor the 10% on regular prices items, NOT SALE ITEMS. The regular prices are better than HD or Lowes prices with the 10% off! Thank you for serving your country, but get a clue!


Is that why you served? I myself served and no I haven't asked or recieved a discount since I got out.

I just don't care.

What branch did you serve in? What was you MOS?

From when to when did you serve? Were you ever deployed?


Obviously the price of the doors at Menards was even better than what you would have paid at Lowes or Home Depot after their 10% discount or you would have gone there. Menards offers a great price everyday and even has sales.

They don't give dicounts to "special" groups of people. They give EVERYONE a great price everyday.


Maybe you could try these discounts:

10% for Firefighters

10% for Police Officers

10% for being a Janitor

10% for being over weight

10% for being on unemployment

Whats next?