Grand Rapids, Michigan

Menards will not match Lowes or Home Depot in giving military 10% off on Veterans Day, even. They have gone to the lowest depths of only recognizing active or retired personnel. My classmates died in Viet Nam and I served also in this war. I wouldn't shed a drop of blood for this A--HOLE OWNER. I would gladly turn him over to be ruled by some foreign power. He is not a credit to this country as far as I am concerned! To even think that 10% off retail is asking too much? The sale prices at Menards are more than 10% off. I now use Menards as a base established price for Home Depot or Lowes and get a standing military 10% additional on all purchases.


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The person who wrote this review is my wife. She has written a lot of reviews on this site because I would not get a discount.

She goes under the username "lromer70" Last name and year of birth or our first child. She did not even serve in the wars.

Infact it is she who is more concerned about the discount than I am. Just see her other letters under Kay Jewerlery and Target.


DUDE.... WHAT is this derelict talking about?

He just said that menards only offers military discounts to "active" OR "retired" military personnel/veterans.....

This is 100% ... how s-t-u-p-i-d can you be!?


Did you really serve in the military to get a bloody discount at a retail store? If you did, you are a disgrace to the uniform you put on!


Was just at Menards today and asked for the discount and was told they got too many complaint from non veterans. I will as you from now on use Home Depot or Lowes for my home improvement needs. I also posted this to facebook.


When I was growing up, if we wanted a Jacuzzi, we had to *** in the tub.


Grow up. I admire and respect all that veterans have done for this country,but did you serve in the military so that when you got back you could get discounts at retail establishments?

Seriously? Give me an f'ing break.