Chicago, Illinois

Purchased 2 bi-fold doors which were installed side by side. After finishing the doors, had noticed that they did not match!!!

One is rounded corners and the othe ris straight edging!! Completely different backings all together..... Sent in a complaint and they responded with 20% to replace the doors and all the labor involved. Can't they hire people that know anything.

But the people at the store had no clue that the doors ever came different... The 3rd door is a big 36 inch and only had 3 hinges on it.. You would think they would be nice enough to offer to come to the house and add a hinge to the door that more than likely needs that extra support.

They were the rudest responding people that I have ever dealt with and hope to never have to deal with them again cause it will be in writing before I buy and leave the store with any major items!!!!!! If I go back, there are other places not just Menards....

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

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I too have to ask , you brought home 2 doors, refinished and installed them before noticing that they were 2 different styles?

This is Menard's fault HOW?


So it's Menard's fault that you brought home two different items and installed them?

It's obvious you are the one who is not logical in this situation.


So you finished the doors after they were "installed side by side"? That is your first mistake, but seriously you want a menards employee to come to your house and "add a hinge" to your door?

Why can't you do it yourself.

At some point the consumer must take responsibility. You would probably blame Wal-Mart if you bought to pairs of socks, in separate packages and then get them home and notice one pair has a red stripe and the other a blue.