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I bought a grill and paid for it in cash. Last one.

I was so excited it was a surprise for my husband and was going to use it for my twin nieces 3 birthday cookout. I cant put things together. My husband works 70 hours a week. This was perfect.

I went to pick it up after I got a truck a few hours later. After 45 mins to an hour of looking in the warehouse. They told me they sold it to someone else!! No sorry.

No customer service. Just you can drive 20 minutes and put one together. We dropped the ball. They refused to put one together.

Offer me a discount. I just wanted to cry. My only option was to get a refund. Im sick to my stomach on how I was treated.

I have it on video and the employees couldnt believe how I was treated either. I hope this is resolved with me.

Im not done showing the video. The gm could careless.

User's recommendation: Don’t buy from Menards.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: I would like a flat iron grill nicer delivered assembled or put together close to my location and a price reduction for my inconvenience and my night spent at menards. .

Menards Pros: Selection of stuff, You can save money, Lots of selection.

Location: 7140 South Emerson Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46237

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Take a minute and read that 8-1/2x11 invoice for the grill in your picture. You will find that it says you should take your purchase with you and that they aren't going to hold it for you. Unfortunately you are dealing with a big box discount store, not a storage warehouse.


How is your loss $300? You said you got a refund!

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