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Update by user Mar 02, 2017

Ken, the tech who came out, actually suggested that I (rather than put in washer) "take my rugs to the laundromat, it's only $6.00."

Update by user Mar 02, 2017

Want to be clear that the machine literally filled FOUR TIMES, then spun FOUR TIMES. Would not stop.

This was an all-day affair. For one rug.

Original review posted by user Mar 02, 2017

Purchased a washing machine and exchanged it for same model, as it was seriously hilariously loud. In new machine, tried to wash a small rug and was careful to put it evenly around the agitator.

When I went to take it out, it was DRIPPING, HEAVY, SOAKING WET. Menards said I could not return it for a different model (2 weeks since I purchased it) unless a tech said it the machine was faulty. Before the tech came, I readied by first beginning to wash same rug to show him. It was again, SOAKING WET!

I documented the steps the machine went through. Although I had set it to "RINSE AND SPIN," the machine did not spin at all, it FILLED, THEN AGITATED, THEN SPUN FOUR TIMES!!!. Never ended! The tech ultimately told me that these machines are now more sensitive to loading imbalances.

"What imbalance?" I asked him (the load was NOT imbalanced, to my eye!). I implored the tech (Ken) to admit this was terribly unsatisfactory; he told me in the future to "take your rugs to the laundromat, it's only $6.00." He had advised that in the future I put another similar rug in with the first, which I did. The machine did THE SAME THING!-- It never ended!! Ultimately, my husband came home and figured out how to manually cancel the cycles; it did finally spin out the water sufficiently and end.

So, I am seriously outraged that Menards will not let me exchange this machine for a normal (better) machine, which I would be happy to pay more for. Talked to the manager (Ron) at Menards who would not help me.

Really feel stuck now with a ridiculous washing machine! We will NOT be shopping at Menards any more, although my husband (a realtor and many properties-owner) usually shops there for supplies.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amana Ntw4516fw Washing Machine.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Want to exchange for a better (normal) washing machine, will pay more for same.

I didn't like: Sold me a faulty product.

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How is Menards supposed to know it was a faulty product. It has a one year manufacturers warranty, USE IT!

Menards return policy clearly states that you have 7 days (with a receipt) to return defective Major Appliances.

Also, you had issues previously then exchanged it for the same model. That was your first mistake

Mount Zion, Illinois, United States #1301291

The "top seller" comment is probably true -- it's the cheapest (my husband, not I, purchased it online). Most landlords (we know several) will buy this for their properties, but will not buy this for their own home use.

It's the WORST, ridiculously pathetic washing machine I have unfortunately ever owned. Menards will not let me return it for a refund / or to purchase/ replace for a better (normal) one.

Mount Zion, Illinois, United States #1300905

I have always watched my rugs in my simple washing machine and have never had a problem before this. We are talking 40+ years.

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1300903

I know someone that works at Menards and know that the cheap Amana is a top seller there. I also know 2 people personally that have bought the Amana and have no problems. I agree, if you dont like it bc it's not heavy duty enough to wash rugs, sell it on craigslist and put it towards a new machine, a commercial machine, which will run you about $3000 and will have no problem with the rugs.

Mount Zion, Illinois, United States #1298752

Look, Tech, Whirlpool, "Anonymous" my ***! You are relentless!

Leave me alone!

I bought it at Menards, Menards is responsible! And you are harassing me!

to Sueport1 Houston, Texas, United States #1299142

Since you are this unhappy according to your complaint and replies, then please complain to their Corporate Headquarters.

to Sueport1 #1299167

Who is harassing you? You made a post on a complaint forum which is open to discussion and views of anyone that looks at it.

There are posts from across the country.

It just seems like you can't take the idea that not everyone takes your side. You might want to consider that your point of view isn't always right and that there may be other ways to solve your problem.


Why aren't you complaining about Amana? You bought an appliance with a manufacturer warranty.

Retail stores can't return used appliances to the manufacturer unless the problem is initial failure. If you have a problem with the appliance it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to repair, not the retail store.

Menards has no responsibility for the repair and is under no obligation to accept the return of your appliance. Retailers shouldn't suffer because consumers don't take the time to check out return policies before they make a purchase and don't have the common sense to understand what to expect of a warranty as part of their decision in choosing a product.

Mount Zion, Illinois, United States #1298719


Composite Score: 03

Menard, Inc. has received 1.04 out of 5 stars based on 63 Customer Reviews and a BBB Rating of F.

Mount Zion, Illinois, United States #1298717

This was for Skokie store! Leave me alone, now you are harassing me.

Salina, Kansas, United States #1298716

Menards has been around for 60 years and has over 300 locations. All they have is 700 complaints, wow I'm impressed it's so low

Mount Zion, Illinois, United States #1298711

OMG, the BBB has over 700 complaints about Menards! and, Menards is "NOT BBB endorsed."


No, you didn't use the term unbalanced load in your complaint but the problems you describe are caused by an unbalanced load. The machine either won't spin or reach maximum spin speed if the load isn't balanced.

to Anonymous Mount Zion, Illinois, United States #1298713

Again, faulty, poor-quality machine! Never had this problem before! Go away with your baloney.

Mount Zion, Illinois, United States #1298694

Whirlpool, (i.e., "Anonymous), so you mean that "top level performance" means it will spin a rug? Never bought a big-priced washing machine, and never had a problem "spin-drying a rug." If this is the new normal for any washer, it should have been disclosed that "rubber-backed rugs should not be washed in this washer." Did not see this warning.

Also, did not see any alert that the machine would be loud. And I NEVER complained about "unbalanced loads", as at no time was the machine "unbalanced."

Done with you, I fully recognize your "alternate facts."

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #1298458

No matter where you go, if you buy the lowest priced washer on the floor, don't expect top level performance. Now that you have used the machine it is no longer a new machine.

As I am sure you noticed, they don't have used appliances on the floor. If you want to move up in quality, put the machine on Craigs list and sell it.

It sounds like it works for clothing, as you only complained about the unbalanced loads when washing rugs. Good luck.

Walnut Creek, California, United States #1297725

The tech that comes out has no affiliation to Menards, but is a certified tech from for the brand of washing machine. I venture to guess he's correct in saying its an off balanced load.

And menards is bound to what the vendor says. As menards isnt certified in repair of products.

You'd have the same issue no matter the place of purchase, as all company's would go to the vendor. Lowes, Home Depot, Sears, Best Buy, etc.

to Anonymous Mount Zion, Illinois, United States #1297854

If you reread, you'll note that I "added another small rug to ensure the load was balanced. "The machine went through all the same business recycling over and over and over again.

As I have been washing these types of small rugs for 40 years I think I know what I'm doing, and it's ridiculous that I can't wash my small rugs anymore. Also, Menards is where I spent my money and therefore Menards is responsible.

to Susan Walnut Creek, California, United States #1297883

It's the vendor that is responsible for their products they make and warranty not the seller. Menards are just the middle men.

But obviously, you don't get that. It would be the same no matter where you purchased that appliance. The vendor is the one that produced and quality control test them, and warranty it.

Menards just sells them, as does all other appliance sales places. You should be complaining about the maker of the appliance as they won't warranty the product if Menards returns it, because at that point they are considered the 2nd owner and the warranty is only good original purchaser.


Rugs can be tricky for many top loaders, as they are heavy and if they have a non slip back can trap water and create an unbalanced situation. When the load isn't balanced the spin speed is kept low and the water won't spin out. If it is only rugs you have a problem with, the suggestion to use a commercial machine at a laundry mat is valid.

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