Lincoln, Nebraska

We purchased a door at Menards. After professional installation, the door still will not seal.

We contacted Menards regarding the door, who then had us fill out a install complaint and passed us on to the manufacturer.

2 months later, our door will not seal and Menards and Midwest Manufacturing keep passing the buck back and forth. It's November in Nebraska, which means it is cold and only getting colder. You can only contact Menards to complain via snail mail, obviously designed so it takes forever and you drop it.

I will not drop it. I have never experienced such *** customer service in my life and will do everything in my power to persuade others not to shop at Menards.

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youll do "everything in your power" ? wow, you have no life if thats what you choose to spend your time doing.


I agree Anon, it is the installers fault. What kind of true craftsman cannot install a *** door correctly.

Installing *** doors is *** craftmanship 101 (I think Menard's sells this book).

He must only install quality doors, that arrogant SOB. Menard's makes *** doors that they stand by, just don't lean on them.


Your complaint makes no sense. Menards does install anything with someone from within the company, this means you had to choose someone to install it.

Talk to the installer?

Why talk to the person you bought the door from when the defect you are talking about is clearly from a bad installer. It's customers like you that make things difficult for everyone else.


Don't Drop It!

I also got ripped off buying Doors from Menards. The salesman ordered the wrong size doors for me and I ended up paying $300 for them to take back the doors that they told me would work.

As far as Customer Service, that's a Joke! The manager didn't care less to resolve the problem. He also told me to contact Menards to complain via snail mail, clearly a way to discourage you from filing a complaint.

I even had a customer in the Line tell me he had a similar problem with Menards and he told me to forget about it, it didn't do him any good!

This made me wonder how many people were getting Ripped Off by Menards. After searching online for Menards Complaints I found this site, wish I found this site before getting Ripped Off at Menards.

So, I will not Drop It Either!

I have filed a complaint with the BBB and did a Chargeback with my Credit Card.

@Ripped Off at Menards

How could they order you the wrong size doors? They print you an order form that clearly states the size of the door along with the rough openings required.

It's right there in black and white for you to read. Didn't you review the order before you paid for it?

They even have your signature agreeing that they are what you wanted. Blame yourself for not paying attention to what you were ordering.


You can contact Menards online through their guest servive link (contact us) those emails go directly to the store manager and to the owner as well.


You can contact Menards online through their guest servive link (contact us) those emails go directly to the store manager and to the owner as well.