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A couple of years ago, I moved to Indiana with family after not being able to find work in Arkansas. I looked for work in the area, and received a callback after applying at a local Menard's. I went, did the interview, and received a second callback to interview with the store manager. He asked if I had applied to the Lowe's in the area, to which I replied that I hadn't. He got excited about that. But I felt really good about everything overall. When I received the third call, I got the job offer. Originally, they asked me if I had a department preference. I said not really, but please not cashier. So what was the only department available? Front end. Of course. I was desperate, so I took it. I figured I could move up into something better in a few months.

I worked for a few weeks, running register for ten hour shifts some days, only receiving thirty minutes for lunch, and two ten minute breaks. The women I worked with were either dumb and illiterate, or old and hateful. They were either perfectly content with being cashiers forever, or too old to bother changing 'careers' at that point.

Running register at Menard's was a nightmare. The department head, Kim, was a royal *** to any woman she didn't like, and would ignore your questions or pleas for help, but wouldn't hesitate to throw you under the bus if she got the chance to get out of a customer's wrath.

Menard's is a sexist establishment. Plain and simple. There were times when I couldn't get anyone to help me find items in the store because they didn't even know basic differences between types of lumber. But, because they had ***, they were allowed to work on the floor.

Any time you would like to use your employee discount, you had to take the money out of your next paycheck with your scan card, and you could only use 70% of the paycheck. In the event you wanted to buy a new hardwood floor, you would only be able to get a partial discount.

After working for four months and being pushed to my limit mentally, I felt that Kim deserved my no call no show, which was the only time in my life I ever walked off the job and never came back. There were others who did the same.

I started working at an area Lowe's a little less than a year later. I was a seasonal employee in the lawn and garden department, but soon later, they hired me for full time, and then asked that I take a promotion to sales specialist, and after that, another move to the commercial sales department, where I handle large accounts for companies that make a lot of money for the store.

If Menard's gave me a chance, I might have really been able to improve their business, but they insisted I do a job that customers could do themselves. They wasted my time, my gas, and my mental fortitude to their shoddy processes and practices.

Anyone with the stomach to endure a flashing light and the ding of a bell in the register lane might be able to understand the frustrations of the rebates, the bag sale, and the incompetence of overworked, under-trained employees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Sales Manager.

Reason of review: Sexist hiring process.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Stop being sexist. Check out a nearby Lowe's for how you should be treating employees. Fire Kim?.

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Menards stores are dingy *** holes and the guy that started Menards has been sued for sexual extortion in the past.


Sounds like lowes has a real winner!!! Lol...


TEE HEE!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!