Atlanta, Georgia
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Worked for Menards for 4 weeks. No breaks or lunch breaks and worked 8 to 12 hours a day.

Was told it would get better. Fired for asking a question of why we had to stay over and do other team members jobs. Learned from other managers that the store manager broke his hand by punching a wall and then said he broke it at work from a pallet falling on it. This is a brand new store.

Already had over 30 workers quit for their unfairness!! Sounds like to me That John Menard needs a new store manager!!

His store manager is screwing him. Cant wait to contact the Labor Board of Kentucky to have them audited.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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Your the *** that didn't take his breaks, and THAT is why you got fired.


You get wrote up for not taking breaks. Quit lying you foolish one


New stores have breaks at noon & five every day for new store set-ups and you can take smoke breaks inbetween. Good luck, you won't win.