Santa Clara, California

its sad to say that because of the all powerful PAYROLL issues and the lack of SALES that i may have to get a part time job just to be a fulltime employee at menards...its funny that there isnt enough hours to go around for the people that have been working there for years but the hr guy is still hiring more people. when your scheduled 40 hours and you end up with less than 20 theres a problem....missmanagement

Its not my fault that the company opens a store at every offramp on the interstate and there are too many stores in the area to support the amount of people that are shopping. (jcp found out how dumb that is years ago)

I guess it just shows that we (the longtime employees) are just needed when times are good.When times get good again MENARDS will suffer more because by then alot of employees (the ones with experiance and good guest service skills) will have been fedup and found a real job.

I cant wait to shop there then when some just out of highschool nobrain tries to sell me something that they have no idea about because they have probably never even looked inside their toilet or nailed two peices of wood together.

Goodluck menards,you will need it in the future i'm sure

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I can tell some people do not live in the real world. Tell me, what is the purpose of retail?

To make money. Yes it is the sad truth but that is what it is. Why give everyone the hours they want when it means less of a profit margin. Tell me this.

How does Menards keep thier prices low? By keeping controlable expensis low. Makes good business sense. To others, they would bleed the company dry to make sure they get paid.

You are being just as greedy as you clain the company is. People would rather complain than take action and find a better job. YOu do not have to work thier. Morning stock is casual part time.

any extra is at the descretion of the manager. That is what was agreed to when hired.

As in most states, you are hired at an "at will" basis. That mean do one is making you work there and you can quit any time you want.


as a 5 yr employee i find that everything that was wrote about this is true.the pets get the hours,and the others get boned. the ones who have the negitive coments about this blog are either the butt kissers who take other peoples hours or the g.o.

people who get paid way to much money to try to discredit the ones who tell the truth about getting screwed to try to make menards look all so wonderful.let them keep selling the walmart quality junk form other countrys,in the end the quality of the products will kill the company anyway, or when good old john decides he's padded his pockets enough and decides to get out of it everyone will be screwed.most investment companys that buy companys like this one start hacking the dead weight from the top,not the bottom so all you high rolling g.o's,g.m's and such will be the first to go anyway.thats where the dead weight in this company is at the top.just because you have a collage ed does'nt mean you are the smartest in the bunch. to many cheifs and not enough indians,thats the problem.

oh and by the way remember it's not allowed to have a bad day, all you cheifs. when your kid is sick or a family member is hurt or dies,the policys may look good on paper but busness is the real world,not a paper fantisy


Labor is a controllable cost interest! If they can save a buck an hour by letting someone unskilled do your job, they will do it.

Customer service is NOT important unless sales deplete and someone complains. As long as the general manager is getting his bonus and does anything possible to get it, they will screw with employees anyway they can!

They continually sell under the min 6% mark up and no one cares! They are the second largest comp in WI and the state ignores it.

In addition, they screw with anyone who attempts to collect unemployment benefits, as then the GM's bonus is effected.

They are a great place to work if you have access to blinders, earplugs and like to be whipped! If you like to keep track of every dollar you sold and then be asked why you didn't sell more, only to explain you only had 5 customers in 4 hours must obviously be your fault. Policies on only available on line so they can change them as they so deem necessary.

If your not a good old boy you will not make it at Menards! That is the key to success- suck up you can go far, asked to be treated fairly and by the law and your out the door.


We should handle it the best way we know how and get on with it. That's what my mind says, I just wish somebody would explain it to my heart.


Sorry to say this, but Morning Stockers are hired as just that. They are considered CASUAL PART TIME - 20 hours a week. If you didn't like that idea, why did you take the job, or why not see if you can get bumped to a regular part timer.


Make yourself so valuable to your company that YOU get the 50 hours a week. Get promoted, take a class, or quit and see that the rest of theworld works the same way. You dont have to work there, youprobably just want to get fired so you can apply for unemployment.


If your state offers under employment, FT people, get on it! I have resorted to doing it during the winter when hours are cut!


Check to see if you can file "underemployment" in your state. I did last winter when our 40 hours dropped to 28-34. Paid my heating bill, and this coming winter other full timers will be taking advantage of it!


I have worked for Menards for only 4 months as a morning stocker. There is a guy in my dpt sho has roked there for 5 years.

He is allowed to work over everyday and gets to work every weekend. I am not allowed to work 1 hour over. I have to go to another dept and hope that they can use me. The dept.

manager says that he has always had 1 stocker and likes it that way. I'm not there to take anyone's job or hours, but it is completely unfair that I am not allowed to work over 1 hour and he gets 50-60 hours a week. Every week! Everyone says thats how it's always been in that dept.

They have ran off other people, but I refuse to let them run me off. I wrote in to G.O. on my "Confidential From" that was sent with the Wage Increase. Nothing has been done to date.

He let me know of this situation on my first day, that he likes only one stocker, and doesn't want me back there. It is really not fair, and I feel a little dicriminated against.

I need hours just as bad as him, as I have a family to take care of. I am truly thankful for my job, but just wonder how he can get away with this?


I am a full time employee, i am bymyself in my department 90% of the time and have to work till i sweet my butt of and my back aches very bad, but i get paid desent and i have had 50 hrs+ since april per week, i can come in on my weekends off make overtime plus the weekend pay, thanks to this i have saved enough to buy a home, i may get very aggrivated by the job from time to time but every other job i have ever had was like that this one has given me the oppertunity to work as much as i want and make a lot of money, there are no other desent jobs in my area so im glad to have mine and i plan to keep it.


With the economy the way it is you should be happy to have a job. Most places would rather you not work 40 hours so they do not have to pay benefits.

And the comment about a high schooler in his/her first job, really were you not a high schooler once. The fault lies not with the high schooler but with the people who hired someone inadequate to do a job other that what they have the knowledge to do.

Find something better to whine about or go out and get a job at a place that does not rotate employees like a revolving door. Life is better when you stop whinning!


Yep sounds familiar. I've got FT team members at my store that are lucky to get to the 30 hour mark. They get scheduled 40 of course, but they are the first to be sent home in the name of Payroll. I understand of course the store has to save costs everywhere by cutting hours, but they also get fined if they dont have their FTs average 40 for the year, And as a PT I was forced into working 75 hours a week. Told that if I didn't do my part to pick up the slack I'd have to find another job.

I feel for ya.


I wrote a letter to corporate about impropiate conduct by front end manager and how the current(latest GM'S) were using their authority(GM DISCRETION) to reward favorites and hold other employee's to strict rules. I never did get a response.

I wonder why? Now I am not an employee because I did not agree with a GM's decision and told him that and asked him who I would talk to that was over him. He told me there were many!

Hmmm...I asked for a specific person and he suddenly rushed me off to the office to speak with me about my attitude. Came out of meeting fired???!!!


This sounds just like Wal-Mart. What a joke!

No. 1 Retailer and they treat their employess like dogs!!


I completely agree with "aware" here. If you're truly a FT, and I'm not doubting you are, you gotta call that number.

I got a call from my GM just for scheduling one of my FT's 33 hours when this person asked for 3 days off instead of 2 and my FT said they'd rather not make the time up, as it were a non-vacation time family deal. I talked to my GM later after he'd approved it and said he got a call from G.O. about it asking what was up. It's actually a bigger pain in the *** to schedule the FT's less than 40 hrs.

than one might think. Again, if you're a FT at an average store, your manager is hearing it from every angle of why they're not scheduling you at a minimum of 40.


It's time to pull the AWARE card you got the day you started and call the AWARE line. FT TM's shouldn't be working 20 hrs this time of year.