Reston, Virginia

Ever try to pay your monthly bill in a Menards Store? Good luck!

Not possible. "We don't have the resources.", says Customer Service. Duhhhhhhh, get them. Menards is about the only place I know you CAN NOT pay your bill at.

With this option in place, they have a MUCH better chance of getting late fees and service charges. WAKE UP MENARDS! THE COFFEE IS FINISHED BREWING! Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, Macy's, all take payments in their stores.

Give your loyal customers a break and start taking payment at the store's Customer Service Desk.

Thank you!

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guess what menards now takes payments in the store! things take time. its a long process.


Why won't Menards take credit cards with on-line bill pay?


you people sure do expect a lot out of a private, non-national chain. I bet not a single one of you have ever worked retail or at least not for very long.

oh, and you can pay your bill instore!


Best Buy doesn't either. I will not shop there any more for that reason.