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Minards of Cheyenne, in a military town, will not offer a discount to any of the military contrary to Lowe's and Home Depot. What's up with that?

Is profit that important that our military, vets etc. cannot be honored with a simple 10% discount. After all if Lowe's and Home Depot can make money with the discounts, so can Minards.

Shop Lowes and Home Depot if you are military and spread the word to your friends and neighbors. These folks are new to Cheyenne and should have known that Cheyenne is a military town full of folks who spend lots of money.

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My entire family will no longer shop at Menards till they change there policy.


I'm a Vet, how bout you stop being a cheap *** and think you're better than everyone else. It's 10%, pay the *** money and shut up.


First of all, thank you for your service. Some of the things posted below seem to indicate that what you've done isn't worth a thing, that is simply not the case.

Having said this, I also feel the same thanks is due to others such as fire fighters, police officers, teachers, etc. These are all more thankless jobs then they should be. It would be wonderful if all places could extend a discount to all people in these services but that is simply not feasible. With the number of people in the reserves and holding each of the other occupations I've listed, it would be like giving a 10% discount to everyone with brown hair that walked through the doors.

At some point lines have to be drawn and "policies" have to be followed. I apologize that you are the person that this directly affects but in retail, no matter what angle is taken on an issue, someone is going to be angry and disagree with it.


Yeah they don't give senior citizen discounts or let kids eat free on Satudays either. Whats up with that?

You are not special.

You can pay the same price as everyone else. :cry


Sigh, you didn't join the military for a 10% discount at major retail stores.... Police officers, firefighters, teachers they don't get a 10% discount and they're just as worthy as anyone in the military if not more so.

I've asked people I know in the military and they all said you give people in the military a bad name.

Menards used to have a 10% military discount, but came to the realization that it was an unfair discount because it excluded other groups from getting it. Joining the military is a career choice, and I can promise you the recruiter didn't say hey if you join you will have a 10% discount for life at all major retail stores.


I'm with you friend, Menards is bad news all the way around. Don't ever buy a mastercraft exterior door from Menards, they leak if exposed to the weather if you don't put a storm door on the jamb. Also if you ever have a big project please steer clear of Menards, I have many friends and Menards employees who have knowledge of the bad service at Menards.


First of all no business is obligated to give military people a discount. I'm 73 years old and businesses never used to do that, and the military people got along just fine without the discount.

What entitles military people to a discount, any more so than law enforcement or fire fighters?

They put their lives on the line every day they are on duty, just like the military does, when they are deployed.