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Refused to cut them, but they have done it the last 3yrs. Give multiple reasons not to do any physical work except send you to another dept. lost my business as well as the guy in front of me

User's recommendation: Their lazy, and don’t wanna be bothered.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 290 N Bolingbrook Dr, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

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" lost my business" No One Cares....I'm guessing they'll be open this time next year without you and the lame in front of you. Time to move on with your (LOL) life.


Tell that to the man who used to work at blockbuster, circuit city, sears, k mart, shopko, pier one, toys r us, pay-less shoes, lord & taylor, or any of the other retail stores that are out of business in significant part due to the " " lost my business" No One Cares"attitude of select employees.


The only people cutting blinds work in the flooring department. If you go to another department they aren't going to know how to work the blind cutter.

That is why they told you to go to the correct department. Do you go into a grocery store and expect the person stocking produce to go back to the meat counter and wrap steaks for you?


The stocker won't wrap your meat, but if you tell him the meat counter is unattended he will escort you to someone who will help. At menards the moment you ask for assistance they say "that's not my job" and run off at the speed of light.


What a loser you are.


Based on what??? I apologize if expecting a salesman to perform very basic customer service is asking too much??

If he doesn't know how to properly assist the customer than he shall escort the customer to someone who can help. Perhaps the bigger issue is the typical millennial employee is too busy sneaking outside for a smoke, or hide in the bathroom playing on their phone for 20 minutes, while the customers who fuel the employee's paycheck are stuck in the middle of the store looking for help?

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