Washington, Illinois

i bought a roll of window tint this weekend from your washington il store . i got help from one of the store workers.

i told him i was tinting the windows in my motorhome. which he had me in the home improvment area so i told him again this is for a motorhome not my house.he assured me he was giving me the right product. ok got it home and find out it not for viechels its for homes. so i took it back and ask for the right product which ya,ll didnt have it.so i ask for a refund which i had my reciept and they wouldnt give me a refund because there was one piece cut which thats how i found out it wasnt the right product.

i feel i should be refunded.

your worker informedmme it was right product .i feel i should be refunded or at least an in store creit. im barney noel 502 velma st washington il 1571 phone 229 4957 email barney.noel@comcast.net

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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So your expectation was that someone at a home improvement store would be an expert on motorhomes? Why were you even going to a home improvement store for automotive parts?


Menards employees are not experts. They are told to read what's on the box, if they want any additional training they need to do it on their own time.

Experts work in the field making more money, they don't work in retail. As the consumer it's your responsibility to know exactly what you need, not a retail employee making $9/hour.

Why would you go to Menards for a product like that to begin with in the first place? You should have went to a RV dealer/outfitter, not a home improvement store.


They should have accepted your return and given you a refund if you had your receipt. Ask them for an installed complaint form since they wanted the whole roll back. Send in the form with your explanation and ask for a refund.


Learn how to read! Oh and write.