Menards had a microwave @ $209 and Best Buy had it @ $149. It wasnt a discontinued item or shelf demo.. It was in stock at both stores.. Two different Menards stores in my area would not honor price match.. The only reason why is because they said, at both stores, that it was below their cost and they wouldnt make any money.

Really? .. deceptive at it's best..

Copied right from their web site:

What is the Menards® "Low Price Guarantee" policy?

We guarantee our everyday competitive prices. If you find a lower everyday or advertised price on an identical stock item at any local retail competitor that has the item in stock, we'll match their price. Competitor's closeout, special order, discontinued, clearance, liquidation, and damaged items are excluded from this offer. Rebated offers, those requiring trade-ins, or other conditions precedent or subsequent to qualify for the lower price may also be excluded. Menards® reserves the right to exclude other offers as necessary including but not limited to availability or special promotional offers. Any conditions required to qualify for the lower price at a competitor will also be required at Menards®. Limited to reasonable quantities for homeowners and one-house order quantities for contractors. Current in-store price, if lower, overrides Menards® advertised price.

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I bought some insulation that was $6.99 each & needed 80 of them. Well this last week they have the same thing on sale for $5.39 each but I bought them more then 14 days ago. So they will not match their own price.

Keego Harbor, Michigan, United States #1294470

They did the same thing to me a month ago. Jerky was on sale at Walmart and they wouldnt honor price match.


I have one better I went to a different Menard's that was having an advertised sale, the item was out of stock, as I was driving to my next destination, I spotted a Menard's along my route, about 70 miles down the road. Pick up the item took it to the register price was 20 dollars higher, pulled the add out of my pocket was told " it is up to the department manager if he wants to honor the price.

I was then told no he would not". Thanks very much won't even honor their own adds.

Round Lake, Illinois, United States #964678

They dont match just found out today, I shown them this instore price everyday price and they said bring the ad in ,there is no ad its there store product site


Manito, Illinois, United States #956977

Will MENARDS price match an item from an online store? Free instance a Bradley smoker is one price at MENARDS and cheaper on a online Site.. It is the Everyday price on this site..

to Dani #957073

Menards will match an online price plus any shipping charges. When matching on-line prices they will not go below cost. Local brick and mortar store prices will be matched regardless of cost.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #902979

I've had really good luck with Menards as far as price matches and getting money back from them when I purchased something from them and it then went on sale. I brought in my receipt and said it is on sale now for x can I get a refund for the difference.

They were great.

I am in Eau Claire WI which is the home of Menards so maybe they have better cs here but I don't know.


I believe everything that you said. Employees at Menards (specially managers) are all a***h***s.

I stopped buying at Menards already and I have taken all my business to Lowes.

Also, let me tell you that you should disregard any comment from Heartless and LTCC since they are both employees from Menards. They respond to each complain posted in this side about Menards.



The price was valid last Sat. I have the print outs from both web sites.

The microwave is over the range type.. model FFMV162LWA

Yes, I did eventually go to BB. Menards was just closer.

The point was that they just revise their terms and conditions as needed at the store level.

Great site.. www.magnifigents.com

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #726814

OMG ...... "Heartless" is right (rarely).

Go to Best Buy because he and most all Menards employees (especially in Green Bay, WI) hate customers. They would rather do less work and have less folks like you coming in the store and trying to be a good customer.

They don't want your business, so make it easy on them and go ANYWHERE else. Thank you for commenting.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #726568

I agree....this was a no brainer.....go to best buy and purchase...why *** the wind about this.....Menards is a scam.....

Anderson, Indiana, United States #726562

Hey you just learned about the " BEND OVER YOUR AT MENARDS" way of doing business. Deceptive is a good word for menards, I like it.

Stay away from menards of at all possible, don't buy anything especially building materials. They sell inferior products, when the problem occurs, and believe me it will, you are up the river without a paddle.

NO HELP from menards what so ever, talk about passing the buck. Shop at Lowes or Home Depot if at all possible, they will treat you much better than this clueless character, I mean heartless, the true epitome of a menards "yes man".

Minot, North Dakota, United States #726395

Interesting! Menards will only price match if it's the exact same brand and model, it may look the same but it does not mean it's the same. But I'm sure you already realized that correct?

Now to verify I went to Best Buys and Menards websites! I did not find one matching brand or model of microwave. The pricing you listed was in inaccurate.

Forget the cost reason you gave, you were denied because it was not the same EXACT UNIT. That also explains the huge price difference. I can assure you Best Buy does not get better deals from manufactures than Menards. Menards refuses to pay top dollar for anything. It's cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap, a lot of deal manufactures have walked away from Menards because of this.

to Heartless Chicago, Illinois, United States #726427

One more thought I totally forgot about. WHY NOT GO TO BEST BUY AND BUY THE MICROWAVE, why go to Menards and hassle them?

I'm under the belief retailers shouldn't even offer price matches. All it does is cause confusion.

to Heartless Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #726815

BTW .... love those tattoos. 8)

to Heartless Peoria, Illinois, United States #727045

We'd match it no matter what. As long as it is the same model #. Let's say the microwave costs us 175$ and it retails for $209, we would definitely give it to you for the Best Buy price.


That tells corporate that we are being beat under our cost and they need to either lower the cost on our end, or ultimately it gets replaced by a cheaper bargain brand...

And I'm afraid a lot of main-brand gets dropped to cheapo bargain brand.

to AngryTeamMember #1053462

I always go to Home Depot as they match the price and give 10% off so it's a way better deal and now days they do it at the register, happy shopping ;)

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