Delaware, Ohio

I bought a rotor tiller. It ran for a few minutes in the garden.

As soon as you put the tines in the ground it will till a row,then it stops running.It was purchased 5/03/2011.I took it back to the store and the manager would not take it back,because we put gas in it. How are you supposed to know if it will run if you don't put gas in it?I would very much like a refund.We put it in dispute,they said to file a complaint.

So we will. Jack Cox

Monetary Loss: $482.

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They don't like to give refunds. My sister-in-law bought a train set at Christmas time for one of her grandsons.

It didn't work. She wanted to exchange it, but they didn't have anymore. They wouldn't give her a complete refund because it was over 30 days since she purchased it.

This is the only store I have ever heard of that doesn't waive that policy during the holidays. Menards is the king of bah humbugs.


Menards policy strongly states that we DO NOT retern gas powered products of any kind...did there hardware manager or teammember tell you that you can take it to the local service center which the manager/teammember find in there VOG all you need is receipt and there center will fix it


Did you put oil in it or did they not tell you you needed oil?

@Rebate shopper

If it's not electric, it's common *** sense to put oil in it. someone forgets to put oil in it, it's not the employee's fault. Read the directions!?