Saginaw, Michigan

I went to the Menards in IONIA, apply for a job that was posted did the app.gave them my resume also.I have worked in the retail business for 4yrs.and all I got in return was we'll contact you.I checked on my app.several times and got the same answer again.In the meantime my put her too(she also in her 50's)and got the same comment.The last time I checked on my app.the HR person told me the position was filled.There was several positions.The reaction I recevied was degrating making me feel that I'm too old.For god sakes JUST BECAUSE I'M 57 YRS. OLD I'M STILL CAPABLE OF WORKING.....................

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Perhaps re-read your post. If your spelling and grammar are a reflection of your I.Q., then you will have a difficult time getting hired.


honestly we have many older people working with us and they are all fantastic! most of them are morning stockers granted but they are still wonderful people and we get guests who compliment them all the time.

what position were you applying for? maybe it was one that involved heavy lifting or working in the outside yard?


Superman checking in, oh wait sorry it's just Heartless. Reality you're clueless.

Many of the younger people at my store know way more than the older people. Matter of fact the older the employees get the less they know. They don't know how to use the computers, they don't know anything about the stuff we sell and they have a horrible time learning new things.

Everyone of the older people I've seen to try to learn our computer system who has never used one just avoids it like the plague. Eventually they quit or find a friend who is willing to do all the computer work for them.


Menards hires old people, only reason why a lot of old people get declined for the job are because of the "entitlement complex" that the older people tend to have. Younger people are willing to do a job and work to move up.

Older people think that since they've been in the business forever (well in your case only 4 years..) they are the best of the best. They look at the fact that you may have been a low level employee for 4 years, but why didn't they ever move up? Plus older people like heartless said tend to not be able to keep up with the physical demands of working for a large building materials store.

And for "reality" you are right it's about efficiency, younger people can work harder and faster than older people most of the time.

There for they work much more efficient. As for lack of knowledge, twenty dollars says you're one of those 'lovely' guests that we deal with that after you walk out of our doors we go "that *** is going to burn down his house..."


BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 'HIGHER' AND 'HIRE' ! You would think that you would have learned that sometime within the last 57 years!


"Heartless" conveniently fails to bring to the table the fact that many younger Team Members LACK key knowledge & experience possessed by many of their older counterparts.

You're right in one respect,Heartless! Menards sure likes to abuse the young TMs at every opportunity.

So tell us, Heartless, how are you liking your role as overstock rack pack mule?

Proud of daily power-walking aerobics over that 5.75 acre Menards? Maybe you ought to seriously consider attending a seminar or two on improving efficiency in the workplace.


"HEARTLESS" Don't trip on your SUPERMAN cape!!!!!


Try working at walmart. Its not all menards, corperate didnt get your aplication. Sombody at your local location with probably no education saw it.and made the call.


Perhaps because you lack basic spelling skills..... why won't menards "higher" older people....Just sayin.....


Age does not have anything to do with it. You obviously didn't present yourself well.

Or, you wrote on your app that you want $15 when they start you out at onl $10 per hour(so why waste their time if you'll quit for something better when it comes along). Or, your availability wasn't what they needed. Many reasons why you didn't get hired. Sounds like your pretty annoying.

Forget what they taught you in school or what you think you know about "following up" on an application... most Menards managers find it annoying as *** and they usually don't hire that person.


Perhaps the times you listed as being available to work didn't match their needs. These stores are open early in the morning till late in the evening 7 days a week.

Retail stores look for people willing to work weekends as well as weekdays. People of any age that are more willing to work a variety of shifts will have a greater chance of being interviewed at any retail store than those that limit the shifts they will work.


You lack insight. My Menards has several people working over the age of 60, 5 alone in my department.

So they do hire older people. However, everyone knows they are not capable of doing the job. Working at Menards is much more physical then people think. We often put items 100lbs+ up into overstock 10 feet in the air.

We also have many heavy items 500lb's + that we sometimes have to move around. I know for a fact all you would be good for is saying hi and showing people where stuff is. The younger capable people get annoyed by this. You get paid the same and do less.

So yeah you shouldn't be hired maybe this location understands that. Not to mention my store is 250,000 square feet plus, you can't keep up with the walking.