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I was an emloyee of Menards CC sales team for 10 years and I left a year before they got rid of the department. And I could tell for a few years that it was coming thats why i got out. i knew it was coming to an end because the owner of Menards John Menard is an egotistical penny pincher and will do anythin to make a dollar. money wise this is why it makes sense for him.

Your average Contractor department does roughly $4,000,000 in sales at an average of 21% gross margin. Which leaves you with $840,000 before overhead at a minimum 50%of the business will stay shopping at menards for conveniences so we will get back to that later. you have 5 employees in that department that make 40-60k per year so we will call it 50k each. Thats $250,000 in salaries. were left with $590,000. Another 10k per person for health insurance leaves with $540,000. Menards has employee profit sharing so for an employee at full profit sharing on 50k is $7,500 is $37,500 your now at $502,500By the time you pay for free local $60 deliveries about 4 per day thats $75,000, Now at $427,500. Minus $80,000 from the contractors 2% rebates were at $347,500 left. Now With cost of cell phones, fuel in the trucks, order mistakes, theft, Corporate office employees which there was about 30 of them, insurances, maintanance on vehicles, uniforms, office supplies, lunch ins, Etc. Etc. we will take an easy fair number and call that $100,000 you are left with $247,500 in profit.

No lets go back to the $4,000,000 and lets say they lose 50% of there business of contractors, cause any one that has worked in that department knows that at a bare minumum half of their contractors werent actually contractors and will still shop there. now that you dont have contractors asking for discounts gross margin will be up to roughly 25% of 2,000,000. Which amounts to $500,000 with no overhead from a contractor sales department. So you double your profit by eliminating the department and its 5 employees and the Corparate office staff.

Now you multiply that extra $252,500 each store is making the 350 stores there are, John Menard just made an extra $88,375,000 this year.

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I purchased a patio screen door for my sliders and mike in doors wouldn't take my call and faith was extremely rude because they gave me the name of a contractor who charged me 75.00 to put screen door on which fell off and it was Ron Pagan of rp carpentry and he is NOT a contractor!!!!! Red flag should've been when Ron had to read directions and he noticed door was bent which menards couldn't be bothered to even help me.

So I have a patio door I paid 75.00 for and wasn't installed properly and Ron would not give me a receipt after I asked for one because I paid cash. I'm shocked because if menards had good customer service they would've given me a discount on door which was wrapped so I had no clue it was bent and to give the name of a person who is NOT a contractor just shows they don't care about their customers!!! Be careful if they give you RP carpentry bc it's Ron Pagan and he's a scam. It should've been menards responsibility to fix the door and bc they gave me a guy who's a fraud!

Not everybody has the money like owner of menard's sorry. Next time you give a name make sure he's liget!!


Well a huge mistake it was. After seeing the company down 17% from projected sales in 2016 due to contractor business being at a all time low Mr.

Menard has came to his senses. Very surprised he actually admitted he messed up.

All stores including new,rebuild and stores that lost the department will have cc sales in 2017. A shame he lost a lot of very good sales reps and good accounts that followed those reps to other suppliers but hopefully it turns around next year.


Why can't I find anything about how menards demands that contracts and subcontractors spend $500 a month at menards to be in the folder of "menards contractors" even though they don't handle installation of any products? Extortion extortion extortion


90% of reps were lazy as *** and worked on a much lower margin. If u fail to make profit u fail to stay viable. So greedy


You nailed it. Menard's pays garbage so they have garbage employees.

Anyone worth a buck wouldn't be employed with them more than year. They failed to qualify the candidates correctly before putting them in that position. The program itself was designed wrong.

I say they will down about 30% from contractors next year.

Your bigger contractors say guys doing 50k or more a year definetly used there rep. Those guys will go else where from some of there projects.


Writing is on the wall. All cc sales departments will be gone at years end.

We are under contract until then. If you mess up or department manager leaves they shut the department down.


Put that way, I would do it too!


I Quit Menards after 25 years of loyal service, because my pay was going to go from a high of $60,000 a few years ago to under $40,000 next year if I stayed. Our Dept.

lost out status because our supervisor sold trusses at a price the truss plant manager said we could, to get the contractors business. Later (less than 2weeks) we were told, "that not how we operate and THAT person no longer works in that capacity". And you no longer will be working in your capacity.

Sure is nice to mess with hardworking peoples families. Also don't have a Truck accident or have your team quit, because they'll pull plug on you too!!!


There are still a lot of stores with contractor sales departments. From what I hear it's the stores with departments that couldn't follow the rules that lost their contractor sales departments.


How do explain new stores not having cc sales? Melrose park department was top 25 worked through re build and were told day of Grand Opening there will be no department.


For the most part they aren't needed. Menards didn't have them for years and the company grew just fine.

All too many stores push Team Members in the store to help get contractors in the program. Once in they are assigned a rep who makes a commission on everything they buy whether the rep sold it or not.

Many of these contractors keep buying from the same Team members they always bought from and the reps sit back and roll in the cash. Bet the reps would work a little harder if they only got commission on the products they sold themselves.


So is that right to get rid of the dept if a team member like my self took over a bunch of *** qccounts at the beginning of the year and had contractors that didnt buy at Menards and he worked his *** off to build good report with them only to increase it by 300% and now there buying there and then they get rid of contractor sales and you worked hard for what also what they should of done was put the contractors sales rep in a draw pay system every week which means your draw pay is $500.00 so that means if you make over 500 in commision its yours what ever you make but if you make under 500 Menards front you the diif