Indianapolis, Indiana

ALMOST EVERY MONTH WHEN i try to make a payment online all types of menards info is available but no easy to find site to make payment on big card personal account. I am beginning to think Menards causes this on purpose so that late payment fees can be added to account.

Othewise I like Menards. It would be so simple for your website designer to provide a clear and easy to find and read site for individiduals to make payments on line and not keep changing the site.

Just like requiring 100 words- more difficulty for cosumer. Dumb dumb.

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I couldn't agree more with the difficulty in finding the site to log-in to make a Big Card payment on line. I am currently visiting in AZ from out of state and therefore have to search for the site.

At home, I have the login site in my "FAVORITES LIST" (with all of my other accounts that I pay online as well as other frequently visited sites) and with that, it always comes up correctly. When I am away from my own computer, it is insane to locate the correct site! I do find almost the same difficulty with some of my other creditors, but Menards is by far the worst. Keep in mind that Menards does not control their own credit scenario.

The have apparently had a contract with HSBC for many years and I have recently received notice that the business is now going to, I believe, Capital One. Maybe it is because of the many complaints, I really don't know. I am still making my payments through the original login @ HSBC. So far no problems.

I fully expect to be notified if I have to make a change, however it's posssible that the change will be seamless. (Very optimistic!) A WORD TO THE WISE: Today we have to read almost every word of info we get from whomever we are connected with in business. That's our responsibility and if we don't, most generally we have no one to blame but ourselves. I do know about the battles and lack of Cust.

Service from my own experience and know that it is real. However, if I keep on my toes, I know that I can avoid many of them-&-so can you. If you call Cust.Service of any company, get a name, write down the time and date and make a note about your call and their response. If you're not getting the help you need, don't continue on with that person, politely ask to speak with their supervisor--I have succeeded many times with this approach.

The person that answers the phone has no authority in most cases and is primarily running interference in hopes that you will go away.

Staying cool and polite is still the best way to get what you want/need. Good Luck.


I have several credit cards that I pay online.

Except for Menard's, all have a facility for automatic minimum payments.


i agree...every freaking month...its like i'm starting over..every single month...that or i cant find the freaking page i need...i also think they try and make it so they can start collecting the late fees


I've had my Menard credit card set up for online payment for several years now. Same system that Best Buy uses. Works great.

#471481 right side access your big card account toward the bottom. You can also pay instore with cash or check.