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We bought a big salamander style shop heater... suppose to have the ability to use several types of fuel. Well day one and we couldn't stand the smoky exhaust and the soot it was putting out. We loaded it back up after feeling sick and headed to the store. Whats the problem she asked? Told her. Well we can't return it if it's had flammable liquids in it. hmmm.. you should have tested it before using fuel. WHAT?!? And how does one test a fuel style heater... with no... wait for it... FUEL???

I swear you only need a pulse to get a job here. So we went to Home Depot and bought another one. Jumped thru Menards warranty repair hoops for two months and it's fixed now. Now that it's spring and we have another heater. Still cant return. We never needed two heaters. But that's what we got with Menards. Two heaters for the price of two. With one out of commission for 60 days. And running all over town to and from the repairman.

We've been cured now of shopping here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Heater.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Pros: Leaving the store, Rebate program.

Menards Cons: Unhelpful customer service representatives, Quality of products sold, How i was treated, Return policy, Warranty proceedure.

  • Ripped-off
  • Uselees Customer Service
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Menards has a no return policy - period - on anything that has had oil or gasoline placed in it after purchase. They certainly aren't sold to you that way and you know it. As pointed out, it is up to YOU to educate yourself about these things which vary from establishment to establisment, else you be finding out about it at the return counter when you try to screw them out of paying for seasonal use item that you tried to return after using it...


Hey ***.... I didn't try to return it after using it in a seasonal fashion.

It's still cold in the Midwest and we use the Home Depot one even in April. It never ending worked. It's a little hard to ensure a product that runs on petroleum works properly before filling it with fuel.

After two winter months they finally have it repaired under warranty. That's helpful, had to go buy another one while that POS was getting fixed.


Does Menard's pay you to be a D*** on here!!

Gotta say they getting their money's worth!!


Amen brutha!!


Another clueless consumer..... If you opened up a business and people returned items left and right costing you money because they were using you as a free rental shop or were a totally clueless person and destroyed the item do you think you would stay in business long?

Unless you have worked for a home improvement store for years you have no idea what it's really like. Return policy's are in place to protect Menards from people trying to constantly take advantage of them. It's up to the consumer to educate themselves on the policies before they make a purchase. Home Depot has similar policies.

Home Depot hires people just like Menards. Home Depot is no better.

One day you will eventually get angry at them then stomp your feet like a child and cry all the way to Menards.... And the cycle continues...........


Actually Home Depot turned a piece of *** heater with no questions asked. Do you work at menards or why so defensive????

If menards wanted us to know it was sooty smoking BEFORE using petroleum they are asking the impossible.

And they should train clerks to point this ridiculous *** out at the checkout. Saving us from buying from them.


Ppl buy cheap bulls hit all the time. If you don't want cheap bulls hit don't spend cheap bulls hit prices.

It's pretty simple.

If I wanted a chainsaw I'd research the best brand and buy that one but others just wanted the cheapest shut they can find and that's all they are worried about, that's your own fault for that. No one elses, grow up.


You are missing the point. I expect half this *** made in China to fail.

That's a whole other argument about quality. This issue is with the *** return policy.


Your comment to grow up is ever so helpful. Hopefully that's not your parenting style as well as your consumer style.


In-Store Purchase Return Policy

Returns within 90 days of purchase and with a valid sales receipt will be exchanged, refunded in cash, credited to your account or refunded via The Home Depot store credit.

In-Store Purchase Return Exceptions

Purchases made with store credit, gift certificates and Gift Cards will be refunded as store credit. Store credits cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards.

Major Appliances: Any Major Appliance products that are defective or damaged should be refused upon delivery; if delivery is complete, damage and/or defects must be reported within 48 hours of delivery by calling 1-877-946-9843


AFTER 30 DAYS, ITEM MAY BE SENT OUT FOR REPAIR AT THE CUSTOMERS EXPENSE, UNLESS COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. Special order returns are subject to 15% restocking fee. Cancellations may be subject to 15% restocking fee. See Special Services Desk at your local store for details.

Cash and cash equivalent purchases, exceeding $1,000, may be refunded as mail check. Checks are mailed from The Home Depot's Store Support Center in Atlanta, GA. Receipts for purchases made with credit, debit or check within the last 90 days may be located in our system. Ask a store associate about receipt look up.

The Home Depot reserves the right to limit or refuse to accept the return of merchandise at any time and for any reason. Items purchased at The Home Depot U.S., The Home Depot Canada or The Home Depot Mexico may not be returned across borders. Returns of merchandise after 90 days in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and after 120 days in Rhode Island from the date of original purchase with a receipt: Sales tax will NOT be refunded. Customers will be issued credit for the purchase price of the item(s) only.

NOTE: Even exchanges of merchandise are not affected by this rule. Customer Agreement purchases must be returned to the same store location where originally purchased.

Sorry, Returns Not Available on the Following Products: Custom made products and custom tinted paint, utility trailers, Gift Cards, Gift Certificates and Store .......What you can't take gas powered equipment back at Home Depot either?? Mutany this is ridiculous and completely unheard its some kind of fire hazard or something........


The heater from home depot is running like a top, as the original posting indicated the heater from Menards is the lemon by poor exhaust design or manufacturing flaw and most likely exposing the customer to inhale carbon monoxide based on the complaint. The cashier's and managements response to a product exposing the public to deadly health risks.............

no returns once you attempt to test it. Don't be surprised though, this is the same company that had a customer fatally injured when he was crushed by an overloaded, unbalanced, and improperly placed pallet of floor tiles placed high in pallet racking in an aisle open to the public during regular business hours............

whats the employees response to the situation, blame the wife for not pushing her husband out of the way during the millisecond the pallet was teetering prior to crashing onto the victim. Menards employees pass the buck whenever possibly no matter how nonsense the excuse sounds, take your business elsewhere


I understand your point but your argument is flawed. These situations are completely separate.

And the guys issue is with Menards return policy not the value of a product that someone else produced. My point is to prove that all big box stores are exactly the same just because the guy flooded one engine and not the other is irrelevant when the return policy is the issue. All big box stores handle things the same they each just hide their *** in a different spot.

There is no other to "take your money" to. American dream huh?


An Engine on a kerosene or propane heater????????? your igniting a wick for a flame not starting an engine with a carburetor to flood at you somehow believe?

Perhaps you should engage your brain and eyes to the subject at hand before engaging your fingers hiding behind keyboard and type nonsense fluff to somehow justify a genuine concern that poses risks to the publics health. Also sir / ma'am despite what you want to believe customer service does very store to store. Some such as menards choose to play hide and seek when a customer approaches the sales clerk with a question and be useless when a customer wants to exchange a defective product. Other stores apply common sense and provide customer service at the time of the sale, assist the customer with concerns and questions and willing to work with a defective product.

At the very least the menards staff could of have taken 2 minutes with the customer at the returns desk to review operation and troubleshoot and basic issues instead of just blowing off the customer once they had his money. P.S.

if a store has a competitor then there are other places to take your money.