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I am currently a cashier at Menards. I have never seen such poor customer service by my superiors. For example...

It was around 6:50 or so on a Sunday night (keep in mind Menards closes at 7 on sundays) I was helping a guest in my line who wanted to special order something from plumbing, i told her the store closed in about 10 minutes and that maybe she should come back the next day, however, she lived about an hour away. I called the FE manager up to have her contact the Plumbing manager to help this guest.

So the plumbing manager came and she went back with him and left her cart in my aisle.

I had a very long line and i was the only cashier, so I wasn't paying attention to this lady's cart. Eventually she came back with her special order after this she asked where her cart was. Sympethetically I told her I didn't know where it was but I said that maybe my manager moved it.

So, I called my manager to my aisle and the guest calmly asked her if she had moved her cart.

My manager freaks out and says " Look lady I didn't touch your cart!" I look at her like what the heck are you thinking talking to a customer like that!

well after my manager walked away we found her cart, and the guest told me that she would never be shopping at menards again.

Every time I work I have atleast 15 guests tell me that they will never shop at Menards again.

Everyone who works at Menards is generally always in a bad mood, and it sucks because when I walk into a store I want to be greeted with a smile and a "how can I help you?" at Menards it is the TOTAL opposite!

I would recomend to anyone reading this to take there business elsewhere like Lowes or Home depot, hopefully they have better costumer service.

Whenever anyone asks me where I work I am ashamed to say that I work at Menards.

I am so happy that I have a job interview tomorrow so I can quit the sh!thole that they call a store.

Don't count on saving big money, i would recomend saving your time!

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The comments here amaze me! I've worked at Menards for 14 years.

In the 28 years I worked prior to that I had ok to good managers but never had such fantastic managers as my store manager and department managers! We have very little turn over of employees and they are fantastic about working with schedules for students, family situations, senior workers , etc. Most of our employees seem smiling and helpful all the time (I'll admit, the occassional hire that isn't so good may get too many second chances but they really try to work with people but if negative behavior doesn't change eventually those employees do get asked to leave!) I do the rebates - find at least one almost every month (for 14 years remember!) and have always gotten them back within 4 to 6 weeks - plus you can amil as many as you want in an envelope - best rebates ever and i use to do lots of rebates. I use to compare prices a lot but ours were better so much I don't bother much any more.

Time flies on this job! Maybe some bad things happen in some stores but my Menard store is a fantastic place to be! Don't put down a chain of ... what about 250 stores I think?

... because of your one or two bad experiences! We carry all levels of merchandise ..

high end name brand to cheaper (some people want that too!) and buyers have been known to make a bad buy and we probably feel worse about those items than the customers ... (I know a few we've defected out the whole shipment!)


I DO believe in you, always have. I believe you could be better.

You deserve better, even better than me.

Right now, I need you to become who you were meant to be. Stand!


ok your manager is a dumb@#@. I've been at meards for seven years now a 1st dm for 5.

i never got pissed at a guest for comming 10 min to close. and my store closes at 8 on sunday. *** just a few weeks ago i stayed 40 min after close helping a guest.

Its called guest service. If your manager cant take they should step down


I agree your DM was a little to dramatic but what kind of guest service did you dish out.. We close in 10 minutes so you should come back tomorrow.

Are you serious?

Even is it had been after close you STILL help the guest. Apparently you dont need to be with Menards, thanks for going else where.


Quit if you dont like it. Have some freaking loyalty to the company that helps you pay the bills.

I'd never trash my employer like you do.

Good luck in life. Let it go.


What kind of service would you say it is to suggest they come back the next day? I work for Menards as well and we would definitely help them out the first time they are there no matter what time we close! You should be fired if you haven't quit already.


Ive worked at menards for almost a year now and am proud to say menards is a GREAT place to work! I was a cashier up until a week ago when i was promoted to delivery coordinator. I agree,when someone comes to a store 10 minutes before they close then they should not expect to be able to stay for longer just because they live far away!!!!!


Did you have a bad experience at work? I have worked at Menards for more than 2 years and I love the place.

Especially during February. Maybe you could try working at a different Menards, you know promote up and make a difference if it really is that bad.


i guess if you have the type of customers coming in 10 minutes before close to get a special order even though they live a freaking hour away, then you probably deserve to have such a *** store. keep the dumb complaints to yourself.

thank you.


Thanks for the advice...I put in an app a couple of weeks ago at one. Thought they kinda rude when I asked for it & when I returned it..they had a sign posted on the door they were hiring.

I don't shop there much...quality of their stuff isn't all that great. The employees there usually aren't helpful when it comes to finding items in our new store.