Just finished reading a report that John Menard funneled 1.5 million into Gov. Walkers campaigns through a political advocacy group that promises to keep the donors and the amount of contributions secret.

Have always patronized Menard's over other home improvement stores because it was Wisconsin based. No more. Figure someone sleazy enough to hide what he's doing in this manner won't flinch at screwing me. I'm now 64 years old and was taught that if you're ashamed of what you're doing and have to hide it, don't do it.

It many not be illegal, but just because it's legal don't make it right.

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I sure you will go back the next time they have the one thing you can't live with out on sale. It's hard to stick to your guns when the money is coming out of your own pocket

to mike #963784

I know, you're right. Besides, losing my measly money would mean less than nothing.

You can't privately boycott everyone you disagree with.

Oh, well, I still don't have to like it - heavy sigh!

to mike #968496

dont think so mike there are many better places to buy than the wallmart of lumber


Most unfortunate. Sure he can give his money to whoever he likes.

However, I also don't have to patronize them. It's too bad, I always like the store.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #963305

So a man can't his money to any group that doesn't sure your views? Do you share where your money goes with everyone?

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